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Hazzard star blasts film remake
Dukes of Hazzard stars
Ben Jones (L) went on to have a political career
A former star of television series the Dukes of Hazzard has criticised a big screen remake of the show for its "profanity- laced script".

Ben Jones, who played car mechanic Cooter in the series, said on his website that the makers of the film had decided to "degrade" the original show.

Jones, a former Georgia Congressman, has urged "true blue fans" of the programme to ignore the new release.

Burt Reynolds and Seann William Scott star in the forthcoming film.

Jones, who has yet to see the film but has read the script, also criticised it for containing "blatant sexual situations that mocks the good clean family values of our series".

Car chases

He concluded his open letter with a call that if the film, which is being released next month, is not cleaned up, then fans of the original show will not go to see it.

"Maybe a kick in their pocketbook will get their attention," he added.

Jones, who lost to Newt Gingrich in elections in 1994, operates two Dukes of Hazzard museums in Tennessee, where the original series is having a successful re-run on cable television.

The show, which charted the fortunes of the Duke family and their adversaries in a small southern US county, ran from 1979-85 and was originally screened in the UK on BBC One.

The schemes of unscrupulous Boss Hogg regularly entangled the Dukes and often culminated in high-speed car chases.

Film star Reynolds will reprise the role of Hogg in the film remake, originally played by the late Sorrell Booke.

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