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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 February 2006, 12:25 GMT
Rings musical preview postponed
The Lord of the Rings - The musical
The show is reportedly the most expensive musical to be staged
The first preview of the Lord of the Rings musical in Toronto has been postponed for two days.

The 11.5m stage production of JRR Tolkien's trilogy will now take place on Saturday in the Canadian city's Princess of Wales theatre.

"It isn't that there's a problem," said producer Kevin Wallace. "It's just the volume of work. We need an extra 48 hours," he added.

The show, which has been in rehearsal since October, is to open on 23 March.


The three-hour epic will feature a cast of 65 actors playing hobbits, elves and black riders in a large environmental setting.

British actor James Loye has been cast as the hobbit Frodo, with Canadian actor Brent Carver playing the role of wizard Gandalf, which was made famous by Sir Ian McKellen in the big-screen versions of the trilogy.

But the stage version will not have the epic battle scenes and special effects that won Peter Jackson's films a string of awards, including best film and best director Oscars for The Return of The King in 2004.

Battle scene from The Return of the King
Peter Jackson's film Return of The King won Oscars in 2004

Wallace has said the show includes Finnish and Indian musical influences, action sequences accompanied by "mini-symphonies", circus acrobatics and speeches delivered in a variety of languages including Elvish.

"Only in the theatre are we actually plunged into the events as they happen," said director Matthew Warchus.

"The environment surrounds us. We participate. We are in Middle Earth," he added.

Plans to premiere the show in London had to be shelved as no suitable theatre was available for staging the production.

The musical is not expected to be seen in the capital until at least December.

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