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Oscars panel: Amanda Hepburn

Every year I get frustrated with the Academy for following the hype from production companies instead of taking a sensible look at the world viewing figures.

Big impact headline grabbing winners mean that popular box office movies lose out.

The following are not what I think will win the Oscar but who I think deserves to win.

Amanda Hepburn
Name: Amanda Hepburn
Lives: Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK
Occupation: IT officer
Favourite all-time film: Chocolat (it always makes me smile)

Best film - Memoirs of a Geisha

Beautifully filmed and acted. A feast for the eyes and senses. Movie watching should be escapist, it should transport you to another world which normally you would not experience. This story was not a best-selling novel for nothing.

Best director - Steven Spielberg for Munich

Probably the only director with the guts to bring this story to the screen. Tough action with a sensitive working of the psychological effects on the assassins. Directed both areas with intelligent understanding. Makes up for the disappointment of War of the Worlds.

Best actor - Nathan Lane for The Producers

Any actor will tell you comedy is much more difficult than tragedy to act out. I would not have believed that anyone could take this classic movie role and make it their own. The energy and superb comic timing he has placed in this failing Broadway producer deserves every plaudit.

Best actress - Naomi Watts for King Kong

Previous wooden performances of the same role had made me want to avoid a remake. Pleasantly surprised by a well rounded, captivating reworking of the character. The vaudeville act to amuse Kong scene, need I say more?

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