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Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

Amidst the backdrop of breathtakingly beautiful Wyoming scenery, on deserted Brokeback Mountain, two lonely cowboys stumble into an enduring and passionate love affair.

This is a film that deserves every Oscar.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, aided by a top notch supporting cast, deliver possibly the finest, most sensitive examples of movie acting in recent history.

Trevor Martin
Name: Trevor Martin
Age: 45
Lives: San Francisco, US/Brighton, UK
Occupation: Retired events marketing consultant
Favourite all-time film: Now Voyager/Brokeback Mountain (it's a tie)

The actors play two friendless strangers thrown together by circumstance who become star crossed lovers, unexpectedly falling for each other on a remote, sparse campsite on the scenic Brokeback Mountain.

They part company but continue a forbidden, clandestine affair over a 20-year period despite a dangerous, hostile culture and suffocating, rigid convention.

One is haunted by the story as if the characters are not fictional. The viewer grieves for them.

Passionate, tender same sex love is depicted unselfconsciously. Ang Lee, in his treatment of the plot, cleverly assumes the moviegoer is not homophobic.

However this may sometimes leave viewers who have not been exposed to homosexuality feeling a little unnerved as though the earth may be shifting beneath them.

Nevertheless the film has the honesty and raw emotional power to thaw the most frigid heart. Could Brokeback Mountain precipitate a cultural change of heart?

A brilliant achievement.

Oscars for: director Ang Lee, lead actor Heath Ledger, supporting actor Jake Gyllenhaal, supporting actress Michelle Williams, best film, best cinematography, best screenplay and best musical score.

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