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Last Updated: Monday, 30 January 2006, 10:17 GMT
Spanish Goyas hail 'English' film
Spanish film-maker Isabel Coixet
Isabel Coixet's film was produced by Pedro Almodovar's company
An English language film about how people deal with painful pasts has led Spain's top film awards - the Goyas.

The Secret Life of Words by Spanish film-maker Isabel Coixet, which stars US actor Tim Robbins, won four awards including best film and director.

Woody Allen won the award for best European film for his hit Match Point, which was made in the UK.

Spanish film-maker Montxo Armendariz won only one award although his film Obaba was nominated for 10 prizes.

Best actor

Coixet's winning film was the fourth made by the director and was produced by Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodovar's company.

Unlike last year's Goyas, when The Sea Inside dominated with 14 awards, there were no big winners at the ceremony in Madrid.

Princesas, by Fernando Leon, won three prizes, including best actress for Candela Pena, while Oscar Jaenada claimed best actor for his role in Camaron, a biopic of the flamenco legend.

Princesas focuses on the friendship between two women with the murky world of prostitution providing the backdrop.

Micaela Nevarez also won a best newcomer award for her performance in the picture.

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