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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
The Who give royalties to Live 8
Roger Daltrey of The Who performing at Live 8
The Who said they were 'impressed' by Gilmour's comments
Live 8 stars The Who and Keane plan to donate to charity extra royalties they have made from increased album sales since the concert.

Sir Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox have also reportedly pledged to share their profits.

Many artists who took part in the Make Poverty History concert have enjoyed soaring CD and download sales since.

Pink Floyd's guitarist David Gilmour said: "This is money that should be used to save lives."

Digital downloads

On Tuesday, Gilmour urged artists and record companies to make a charitable donation off the back of Saturday's landmark global concerts.

Sales of Pink Floyd's Greatest Hits album, Echoes, rocketed by 1343% on the day after the concert, according to record retailer HMV.

Keane said they wanted to follow the example set by Gilmour and donate extra royalties they have made from increased sales.

1. Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd - 1343%
2. The Who - Then and Now - 863%
3. Annie Lennox - Eurythmics Greatest Hits - 500%
4. Dido - Life for Rent - 412%
5. Razorlight - Up All Night - 335%
6. Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits - 320%
7. Joss Stone - Mind, Body and Soul - 309%
8. Sting - The Very Best of Sting & The Police - 300%
9. Travis - Singles - 268%
10. Madonna - Immaculate Collection - 200%
Source: HMV

A spokesman for The Who said: "The band are impressed with what Pink Floyd are doing, and should there be any significant extra royalties coming in they will look to doing the same."

Universal Music has already said it would give its profits from digital downloads of Sir Paul's performance to Live 8.

Sir Paul's rendition of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with U2 topped the iTunes chart in several countries after being made available to download an hour after its performance.

The former Beatle's performances of Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road can also be obtained online.

"One hundred per cent of the revenues we receive from the downloaded tracks will be passed on to the Band Aid trust," said a Universal representative.

Music company EMI - which is providing a multi-million pound advance to Live 8 for the DVD rights to the six main concerts - said they did not yet know when it would be released, or details on charitable donations from profits.

Poverty aim

Meanwhile, pop stars Ronan Keating, The Sugababes, The Corrs, Natasha Bedingfield and Texas are preparing to play the final Live 8 concert in Edinburgh.

They will be joined by Lennox, Snow Patrol, Travis, Youssou N'Dour and McFly, who played previous Live 8 concerts on Saturday.

The Murrayfield Stadium event coincides with the start of the G8 summit in Gleneagles and aims to put further pressure on leaders to tackle poverty in Africa.

The free event will be broadcast on BBC television, radio and online. The Edinburgh concert follows 10 Live 8 gigs in cities including London, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, Johannesburg, Rome and Moscow on Saturday.


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