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Mandela addresses Live 8 finale
Nelson Mandela on a video screen
Nelson Mandela addressed the crown in a recorded message
An international line-up of stars joined the call to eradicate poverty at Edinburgh's climactic Live 8 concert, which was addressed by Nelson Mandela.

Almost 60,000 music fans gathered at Murrayfield Stadium for the Live 8 The Final Push gig, as G8 leaders arrived for talks in Gleneagles.

In a recorded message, the former South African president said: "Let's work to make poverty history this year".

The concert ended with a rousing performance by soul legend James Brown.

In his message, which was introduced by U2 frontman Bono, Mandela said: "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation. You have that opportunity."

The former South African president said: "Let's work to make poverty history this year. Then we can all stand with our heads held high."

Bono said millions supported the campaign to end poverty
Bono said millions supported the campaign to end poverty

Jazz pianist Jamie Cullum sang the Beatles classic, All You Need Is Love, with Natasha Bedingfield, who also sang her hit These Words.

Scottish favourites Wet Wet Wet performed another Beatles song, With A Little Help From My Friends and their biggest hit, Love Is All Around.

Pop band McFly were followed by Big Brother presenter Davina McCall who came on stage accompanied by a delegation of children from C8, the children's version of G8, which began on Sunday.

In Africa every single minute 20 children die needlessly just because they were born poor. It can be stopped
Davina McCall

She said: "In Africa every single minute 20 children die needlessly just because they were born poor. It can be stopped."

Girl group Sugababes were followed on stage by U2 star Bono who delivered a message to the G8 leaders.

He said that he had been to Gleneagles and given G8 leaders permission to spend money "ending extreme poverty in our lifetime".

Holding a small case up to the audience, Bono added: "In this box are 38 million people who are ready to go to work on this issue, and that's just the Live 8 campaign.

"When you add to that 157 million people who signed up for the global action against poverty in 75 countries, I would call that permission to spend your money."

He then introduced former South African president Nelson Mandela who appeared on a giant TV screen at the back of the stage.

Two kids

Hollywood actor George Clooney appeared in person on the Murrayfield stage.

Clooney introduced former Eurythmics star Annie Lennox who sang two songs before telling the G8 politicians: "Do nothing at your peril."

Film actress Susan Sarandon brought Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof onto the stage.

The former Boomtown Rat told them: "We told them (the G8 leaders) we'd come and we came."

Fellow Live 8 chief Midge Ure followed Irish band The Thrills on the bill.

As heavy rain began to fall, Ure performed a version of the Ultravox hit Vienna with Eddie Izzard on piano.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer then came on stage with a message for the Chancellor of her native Germany. She said: "Gerhard Schroeder, we are watching you. Since you woke up this morning, 30,000 children have already died.

Scottish force

"I myself have got two kids and I am so lucky to live in England.

"Therefore, on behalf of all the African mothers, I beg the politicians to do something now."

Feeder, Embrace, Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour were next on the bill.

Other performers included Beverley Knight, Texas, Kathryn Jenkins and Snow Patrol.

Fran Healy from Travis said: "Every single performer I've spoken to has said that the atmosphere here is even more electric than it was at Hyde Park on Saturday.

"The Scottish crowd is a force to be reckoned with! We've got it easy over here and we forget that sometimes."


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