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In quotes: Live 8
Quotes from famous figures as the Live 8 concerts took place across the globe.


U2's Bono
U2's Bono was among the first performers on stage in London

The rock stars and hip hop stars can't change anything, but the audience can.

They can put the politicians who can do something in and out of office.

We are not looking for charity, we are looking for justice. We cannot fix everything but the ones we can we must.

Eight of the most powerful men on earth are meeting in Gleneagles in Scotland. We have a message for them. This is your moment too. Make history by making poverty history.


We're trying to bring attention to something that needs to be addressed.

It's a positive thing to do. There are so many negative things at the moment that this is a positive step.

I hope it makes a huge difference to the G8 summit when it meets in Edinburgh.


This is the greatest thing that's ever been organised probably in the history of the world.

Can we take this opportunity on behalf of all the bands and on behalf of you people to say to Bob Geldof he is a hero of our time and he deserves all the credit he gets.


Bill Gates
Bill Gates appeared on stage at the London event

I've learnt that success depends on knowing what works and bringing resources to the problem. We know what to do - the generosity we are asking for can save millions of lives.

Some day in the future all people, no matter where they are born will be able to lead a healthy life. We can do this and when we do it will be the best thing that humanity has ever done.


I need to get over the shock that this thing is actually happening and that thousands of millions of people around the world are watching.

I'm just listening to the bands - they have had hardly any planning but have been just fantastic.


This event is huge, it's immense, it's amazing. I think it's fantastic that the UK is leading this entire thing.


Icelandic singer Bjork performed in Tokyo

I look at the news, I see people starving, I am crying, I'm a total mess.

It seems to me that the politicians of the rich countries are like VIPs.

They are untouchable and the rest of the public of their own countries and all the other countries in the world are like the other chunk that don't have a voice.


There is a groundswell for what we're doing here.

Those eight men in that room are going to have to position themselves to please these people. They have to address this.

We are a global village. We're connected to the problems of Africa and our brothers and sisters there.


My message to the G8 leaders is that this is their chance to make a lot of difference in the world and to come back fulfilling their promises rather than coming back with empty promises.

This is their chance to show the world politics is not just showbusiness for ugly people."


Are you ready, London? Are you ready to start a revolution? Are you ready to change history?


There's a lot of rich people in the world and a lot of them are just selfish. The Live 8 people are saying they don't want it to be like that any more.


It was an amazing feeling back in 1985, similar to today. It's fantastic - a lot more countries feel a lot more involved.

This is unbelievably well-timed and incredibly effective. It's a great, great day.


We're making a difference in the world not just for a moment but forever ... I'm sure that from heaven above ... the Almighty is smiling at the contribution of tonight. The only way that we can end hate is to give more love.


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