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Galloway evicted from Big Brother
George Galloway
MP George Galloway was one of three housemates up for eviction
Politician George Galloway has become the fourth contestant to be evicted from Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother.

Galloway, who got 64.7% of the public vote, was the first of two housemates to be voted out in a double eviction.

Ex-basketball player Dennis Rodman was later evicted. Non-celebrity Chantelle Houghton survived the vote.

The news comes on the same day Galloway won a libel battle with the Telegraph. It also emerged a Commons investigation into his conduct could be reopened.

And the Respect party MP will also learn, when he leaves the set of the show, that the Serious Fraud Office is looking into the results of a UN-backed investigation into alleged kickbacks from Saddam Hussein.

If I've half impressed half the people that would be a very good gain
George Galloway

Galloway left the house to a chorus of boos from the waiting crowd before his interview with presenter Davina McCall.

When shown negative newspaper headlines about his stay in the house, Mr Galloway said: "Oh dear, oh dear."

He said: "I didn't expect that much attention but I knew my political opponents would attack me for it.

"But we'll have to see if there's any balance out there in the country, because I'll be back out on the road next week."

Bookmakers' favourite

He maintained it had been a "good idea", both for him and his Respect party, that he had taken part in the programme.

"We're a different type of political force and the public out there, behind their curtains in their living rooms, have to be reached and this was worth a try," he said.

"If I've half impressed half the people that would be a very good gain."

Bookmaker Ladbrokes had offered odds of 1/20 on Mr Galloway being voted off on Wednesday.

The second eviction took place in an extra Celebrity Big Brother programme later in the evening.

Rodman was evicted after getting 23.5% of the viewers' vote. Non-celebrity Houghton, who was also up for the public vote, managed to avoid being evicted.

'Pipe down'

The model, who was installed in the house by producers as an unknown and had to convince the others she was a celebrity, had been 10/1 to leave first.

Former Chicago Bulls star Rodman had also been10/1 to walk out of the house first.

Galloway had launched a series of bitter attacks on his fellow housemates since discovering they had nominated him for the viewers' vote.

When Galloway was reminded he had been banned from nominating for discussing the other housemates, he shouted at Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston: "Pipe down, Mr Indignation.

"We'll see what the viewers thought of your double standards, your indignation about me and the aplomb with which you become a lying plutocrat in your gentleman's club."

Chantelle Houghton
Chantelle Houghton was one of three contestants nominated

He also turned on former gameshow host Michael Barrymore: "I was close to you, Dennis was close to you, and you stabbed both of us over your mania for hoarding cigarettes.

"You care about no-one except yourself. You're the most selfish, self-obsessed person I've ever met."

Their argument went on for 20 minutes, with Galloway claiming: "I cared a lot about you. You stabbed me in the back."

In nominations, Galloway received four votes from his fellow housemates, while Houghton and Rodman received three each.

Political criticism

The MP, who has donned a red catsuit and imitated a cat as part of his stint in the show, has also attracted criticism from his political opponents.

They say he should be representing his seat of Bethnal Green and Bow, east London, instead of appearing on the show.

But Galloway has said his decision to be a contestant is good for politics and will widen young people's interest in current affairs.

After Wednesday's double eviction, six celebrities will remain in the house.

As well as Barrymore, Preston and Houghton, they include rapper Maggot from hip-hop act Goldie Lookin' Chain, ex-Baywatch star Traci Bingham, and pop star Pete Burns.

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