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Last Updated: Friday, 1 July 2005, 23:28 GMT 00:28 UK
Saskia voted out of Big Brother
Saskia Howard-Clarke
Saskia had been firm favourite with the bookies to leave
Saskia Howard-Clarke has become the fifth Big Brother contestant to be voted out by the public.

She had been favourite to leave, facing the public vote against Maxwell Ward, with whom she had become close since entering the Channel 4 reality TV show.

Saskia, a 23-year-old promotions girl from London, had been given odds of 1/66 by Ladbrokes to leave on Friday.

Big Brother is enjoying high ratings for its sixth series, with an average of five million viewers a night.

'Top bloke'

Interviewed on Channel 4 after her eviction, Saskia told presenter Davina McCall she thought Maxwell would "definitely" win the series.

She described him as a "top, top bloke" and said she would like him to be her boyfriend,

"I have been wooed - he's wooed me up," she said.

"We've already said when we come out we are going to go out, get mashed, get on it and see what happens."

Secret garden

Saskia was nominated by Derek, Kemal, Makosi and Vanessa.

Maxwell and Anthony had been barred from voting after being caught discussing nominations.

New housemates Eugene and Orlaith, who had previously been staying in Big Brother's "secret garden", were exempt from this week's nominations.

Earlier this week, Makosi was given the decision of deciding which one of three contestants in the secret garden would not make it into the Big Brother house.

She chose to evict 20-year-old Kinga Karolczak.

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