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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 June, 2005, 16:51 GMT 17:51 UK
Extra Live 8 tickets snapped up
Twins Jonathan Horner and Alexandra from Worthing, west Sussex, with their Live8 Live On Screen Tickets
Twins Jonathan and Alexandra Horner queued for tickets
Thousands of extra tickets to watch the Live 8 concert in London have been snapped up in less than two hours.

Music fans camped out in cities across the UK to bag the extra 55,000 tickets which went up for grabs at 1500 BST.

Holders of the additional tickets will be able to watch Saturday's concert on giant screens in Hyde Park.

Stars such as Madonna, Robbie Williams and Coldplay are headlining the show, which aims to highlight global poverty and Third World debt.

Scores of people began queuing for the tickets outside venues in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Oxford and Southampton on Tuesday.

The successful ticket-holders will join about 150,000 people who won tickets to the concert itself following a text message competition.

Live 8 spokesman Bernard Doherty said: "We had an enormous reaction. It was the only way to distribute the tickets fairly.

"Bob (Geldof) says it was the only way to do it and the good British public has done it in an orderly way.

I missed it last time and so it would be really good to be able to say I have been there
Lisa Green, ticket holder

"All 55,000 have been snapped up within two hours."

Doherty added: "We would like to say, please do not pass on or sell the tickets. It is not in the spirit of Live 8. They are non-transferable."

The concert is one of 10 Live 8 gigs taking place around the world on Saturday - one in each of the G8 nations, one in South Africa and a smaller gig in Cornwall.

The concerts have been timed to coincide with the G8 summit of world leaders in Scotland on 6 July and will call for more aid for Africa, debt cancellation and fairer trade.

A further concert will take place on 6 July in Edinburgh as the summit begins.

Ana Catarina aged 27, Carolina Vialle aged 21, Nira Torres aged 26 and Ettienne Pires aged 22, all from Brazil, with their Live8 Live On Screen Tickets
The extra tickets were claimed very quickly

Harry Steenkamp, 29, and girlfriend Anneke Kruger, 20, are South Africans living in London, and said they queued for around an hour.

Mr Steenkamp said: "I am quite happy. It is only a screen so it is second best but it's anything you can get. It should be an awesome day, if the weather plays along of course, but then you never know."

Lisa Green, 36, from Worthing, in West Sussex, said: "I missed it last time and so it would be really good to be able to say I have been there."

Saturday's concerts will kick off in Tokyo in the east and end in Philadelphia and near Toronto in the west, taking in Johannesburg, Paris, Berlin, Rome, London and Moscow on the way.

Musical icon

But organisers of the Johannesburg show have expressed concerns that too few local acts are performing alongside global stars.

"If we had a collaboration with these European and US stars, if we stood on stage with them, that would have had a bigger impact," said South African star Zola, who will be performing at the gig.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that music icon Neil Young will close the Canadian concert.

Other stars taking part in the concert include Deep Purple, Motley Crue, Bryan Adams and the Barenaked Ladies.

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