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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 January 2006, 16:20 GMT
US star Garrett faces drug charge
Leif Garrett
Garrett had a string of hit records and appeared in 36 movies
US singer and actor Leif Garrett has been charged with possessing heroin in Los Angeles.

A child star in the 1960s, he was arrested for allegedly using the subway without a ticket.

He was held without bail for allegedly violating terms of his probation for a previous drug offence.

Garrett, 44, pleaded guilty in March last year to attempted possession of cocaine-based narcotics and was placed on probation.

Hit singles

The star was arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies on Saturday evening on the platform of the Pershing Square Red Line station downtown for allegedly not having a ticket to ride the train.

Deputies then allegedly found suspected narcotics on Garrett, officials said.

He was charged with heroin possession and fare evasion and was expected to return to court later this week.

Garrett has appeared in 36 films, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, and has released 10 albums.

His first film was Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969 and he had hits with I Was Made for Dancing and a re-make of Surfin' USA.



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