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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 January 2006, 08:47 GMT
50 Cent defends 'violent' movie
50 Cent
50 Cent said the violence in war film Jarhead was not discussed
US rapper 50 Cent has hit back at criticism that his film Get Rich Or Die Tryin' condones violence and gun crime.

The 30-year-old musician told the BBC's Six O'Clock News: "No way was it in my head to capture a film that glorifies violence."

He added that Jarhead, a film depicting the Gulf War, was "far more violent than the 50 Cent experience".

The movie's UK premiere took place on Tuesday in London's Leicester Square. It opens on 20 January.

A film poster for the story of 50 Cent's life fell foul of advertising watchdogs earlier this month for "glamorising" gun crime.

The rap star, who first hit the charts three years ago, said that his music had put him under added scrutiny when the film - his debut - came out, which charts his difficult formative years in the tough New York district of Queens.

'Protest every time'

"Because of my music and lyrics I've been under different standards to begin with because the content is aggressive. Creatively I'm put in a box because of perceptions of me," he said.

ASA handout of poster showing the rapper 50 Cent holding a gun and a baby
The poster for 50 Cent's film soundtrack sparked 17 complaints

50 Cent, best known for his hits In Da Club and Candy Shop, added that the poster promoting his film was not the first to depict weaponry.

It was recently criticised for "glamorising" gun crime by the UK Advertising Standards Authority.

Record label Universal Music said the image was meant to communicate 50 Cent's fight to escape the ghetto.

"Creatively I haven't done anything that wasn't acceptable," the rapper said.

"Eighteen films that came out before mine utilised weapons on their artwork. But when mine comes out they start protesting.

"If it glamorises it when I do it, then it's glamorised period. So we should protest every time," said the performer, who added that he is no longer living the tough life of the ghetto.


50 Cent, who plays the lead role in Get Rich Or Die Tryin', said that making a film was "the biggest and best" way to tell a story - even more so than music.

He also said that the film shows a softer side to his character which has not been revealed through his music.

"I show more vulnerability in this film than I do in my music. People forget that I'm human and forget how much time it took to create it.

"People are attracted to me because of my experience. My story in itself is inspiring and shows that they can be successful. I'm drawn to capturing what I've experienced," he added.

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