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Potter auditions draw thousands
Queuing for Harry Potte auditions
Young hopefuls queued for hours
Thousands of teenage girls have braved cold weather in the hope of securing a role in the next Harry Potter film.

Girls aged between 13 and 16 were given the chance to audition for the part of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

A few made it through to the next round of the search for a girl to play the eccentric trainee wizard.

Filming begins next month and producers Warner Brothers described the response to their search as "fantastic".

A spokeswoman said it had been a "phenomenal" day, adding: "It's all been good humoured and has gone very well."

Some teenagers had started queuing outside Westminster Central Hall at Storey's Gate, London at 11pm on Friday night for their chance to star in the film, due for release in summer 2007.

First in line had been Kim Allen, 15, from Andover, Hampshire.

"There are three of us and we slept outside although we didn't sleep very well," said Ms Allen.

"I've done drama lessons but that's about it but I have loved acting ever since I was younger and I'm mad about Harry Potter.

A young girl crying
There was upset for some who did not make the next round

"If I got this, it would be a step for me towards being in more films and I desperately want the part."

Inside the venue, the girls were asked to state their name and where they were from.

Casting director Fiona Weir then selected a few to be photographed for the next round.

Ms Allen said later she was disappointed to be sent home but vowed to pursue her ambition to be an actress. Others left the audition in tears after being rejected.

The successful girl will join cast members Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry; Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger; and Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the film.

A spokeswoman had said an "other-worldly" quality was needed to play the part.

Girls trying for the role had to live in the UK or Republic of Ireland and provide a passport or birth certificate and proof of address.

The casting crew have already seen hundreds of girls at schools around the UK.

The film is due for release in summer 2007.

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