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Festivals 2005: Your reviews

It's festival time across Europe once again
Music fans are enjoying another summer of festivals - and we would like to hear what you thought of this year's events.

Whether it is a rock, dance, classical or jazz event, and wherever in the world it is, we want your account of what happened.

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Went to the Secret Garden Festival. Had a fantastic time - there were only about 2,500 people there. No commercialism, but great attention to detail. Saw the Super Furry Animals, Hard Fi & Desmond Dekker to name just a few. No over the top security, just a very chilled out, live and let live atmosphere. I'll definitely go next year.
Steph, London, UK

This year we ventured abroad to Spain for . the FIB festival in Beneccasim. The ticket was included 9 days camping and 4 days of music ending with a massive beach party which was madness! What better way to spend a holiday than to hang out on the beach by day and listen to fantastic live music at night? The highlight for me was definately Kasabian...so much better than Oasis and there was a perfect mix of bands from The Cure to Underworld. The campsite was ace with it's 24 hour bar, the weather even better...just try and stop me from going back next year!!!
jo, London

Have just got back from InFest 2005 in Bradford at the University, an alternative electronic/industrial festival. It's hard to believe its in its eighth year (I have been to seven now) and it just gets better and better! It's certainly the best value for money at 30 per ticket and accommodation in halls for 55 for three days. Highlights had to be Covenant, who really seemed to be glad to be back after 2001, bouncing around the stage with gay abandon and at one point handing the mike to the audience; Pow[d]er Pussy, a suprise with some stunning danceable noise/industrial and Fixmer/Macarthy - hard industrial with an early 80's electronic feel. Organisers were helpful, the comparing was fantastic and the set decoration was atmospheric. Security were friendly with a light touch (their main duties seemed to be opening the fire doors when it got hot and preventing glass bottles from going on the dance floor); the bar staff were enthusiastic and friendly, even dressing up for the occaision. Festival goers were friendly and I got to see some old and new faces this year. The sparkly falls are packed away and the goth stuff in the wash, but roll on InFest 2006!
J. Marshall, Bedford

I went to Leeds and it was AWESOME! The only downer was the small number of idiots causing trouble and the heavy-handed security force which were a total disgrace.
John Pybus, York, UK

Without a doubt, the Glade festival wins habds down! I have been going to festivals for over 10 years now and it was my first time at this particular one - and my god, what a weekend! Despite the fact I was on crutches due to an accident earlier in the week I had a fantastic tie, everyone was so friendly and open and the music was fantastic... Hilight was watching the sun rise on the Sunday morning while drinking chai surrounded by loads of friends listening to psy-trance. Perfect!
Sharon Irvine, London, UK

For the second year in a row I went along to the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival this summer. Last year I only went on the Friday and Saturday but this year I went for the Thursday as well. It was fabulous, marred only by the weather - it rained nearly all day Saturday. There is only the one sound stage and there are about 10,000 people there so by festival standards it is quite small, but I like it that way. There is a mixture of people in their fifties who have been fairport fans for years down to teenagers. Its very friendly and there is no trouble of any sort - apart from last year when a fight nearly broke out between 2 rival sets of Morris Dancers!! Lots of choice of things to eat and a well stocked Beer Stall with a good selection of drinks, including wine.In addition to the Fairport Convention set which always closes the festival on Saturday, highlights for me were Country Joe MacDonald, the Muffin Men and the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. The latter were absolutely fantastic. They are such talented musicians and their special take on different numbers is quite unique and hugely funny. All of the numbers they played and sung were terrific but my favourites were Kate Bush's Heathcliff, Status Quo's Caroline, the theme tune from the Good Bad and the Ugly, Ms Dy-na-mi-tee,Talking Head's Psycho Killer and Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. If they are on near you go to see them - they are astonishing. Can't wait for next year!
Mary Heaton, London, England

Leeds festival was amazing, the lineup wasn't as good as last year, but it was still great. The security staff were nothing but thugs with shields and batons. They really caused more trouble then they solved. Next year things should happen all night, not close everything at 11pm. That way, people would be able to expel their energy by dancing! What else are 50,000 people going to do other then cause trouble? The staff could not control the crowd, the main fire was surrounded by 10,000 people, the fire went out for a total of 5 minutes before it was re-lit, it then went on past 6am. I am very dissapointed at how the festival ended.
Jason , Colchester, Essex

Just got back from Reading Festival which was incredible. The atmosphere was unique, the weather perfect and the bands were brilliant. I felt the Pixies stole the show playing a brilliant set of classic tracks.
Rob, Bucks, England

Five of us went to Amsterdam for Dance Valley, one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. For the first time, they decided to make it a weekend event instead of just one day. Loads of brilliant DJs and such a great atmosphere despite the pouring rain which didn't dampen our spirits. On the last night we saw Paul Van Dyk play to a hill full of clubbers, with flowers and paper hearts being dropped onto us from a passing helicopter and the best laser and lighting show I've ever seen. The memories of it will last forever.
Lysa Nelson, Bristol, UK

Annoyed, very annoyed, the organisers of the Leeds festival have not "organised" anywhere to charge your mobile phone onsite. The last 2 years have been fine, so what happened this year?
fee, scotland

I've been to seven festivals so far this year : Off The Tracks, Oyster Band Big Session, National Forest Folk Festival, Rock & Blues Custom Show, Fairports Cropredy Convention, Summer Sundae (Sunday only) and finally Beautiful Days. From over twenty years of festival going I have to say that Beautiful Days has to be one of the best ever and easily the most enjoyable this year. Well done Levellers, see you next year.
Ewen, Leicester, UK

I went to the 2nd annual Dubai Desert Rock Festival! I am an expat living in Dubai and this festival is the first of its kind in the middle east! It was a hot but brilliant day with fabulous bands playing from Machine Head to The Darkness (who were my highlight!). The atmosphere was amazing and i cant wait for Dubai Desert Rock 2006!
Patty, Dubai, UAE

Returned this week from my 7th V Festival at Chelmsford and have to say I think some of the comment son this page are wholly unfair. Sure there can be large queues at gates, and yes, it can take a long time to leave the car park on Sunday night or Monday morning - but waht the heck do you expect when there are that many people there!? I think these people may be better of with a night at The Proms and a stay at the Park Lane Sheraton!! Well done all involved in organising this and every other years V Fests. It was a blinder...
Kevin Day, Horley, Surrey

I went to Summer Sundae in Leicester and it was absolutely fab. It's one of the smaller festivals but there were 4 stages and heaps of great bands and artists. Sons and Daughters were great on Friday, as were Editors and Tom Vek in the pouring rain on Saturday afternoon! I'm only 14 and this was the first festival i've been to so it was a brilliant introduction - a huge thumbs up to the organisers!
harriet , derby, england

Still wearing (with pride) my wrist band from FIB Benicassim in Spain. Out of 35,000 people, there were 8,000 brits. Made for a really good atmosphere, lots of people to talk to! Music wise, Maximo Park stole the festival for me.!!! (or powpowpow, or ch ch ch as they are known) were incredible too. Polyphonic Spree, Oasis and Basement Jaxx all turned in great performances too. Camping in 37degrees heat wasn't much fun though. Spent the days sleeping in the towns covered bandstand! Will return next year, for sure!
thomas ganderton, redditch, worcs

Beautiful Days is the place to be nowadays for the ultimate chilled out festy vibe, but dont tell anyone...
Jonny Kohoutec, Exeter

Went to V in Staffs, excellent line up - Kaiser Chiefs stole the show and I only had 1 bad toilet experience. Have already booked my tickets for next year.
Alison, Thatcham, Berks

Fuji Rock Concert in Naeba, Japan was incredible. Three days of camping and pouring rain only added to the crowd's energy. Kaiser Chiefs put on a great show - especially to a newer audience. Definetly worth all the yen.
Martine, Yokohama, Japan

Having been to the big events, Glastonbury and Reading festival, I went to a much smaller and more oganic festival this year: The Green Man Festival. It was such a mellow and friendly festival and really small (about 1000 people) playing marginal progressive folk music in all it's current incarnations. Being able to walk from you tent to the main area in 5 minutes was a mighty relief and the absolutely gorgeous weather all made our time there superb. I think I shall be sticking to the smaller festies next year!
Liam, London, UK

Second time going to the V Festival in Staffs. So very disappointed - while the bands were great, I have to agree with many others that it was terribly organised. This year, for some reason, they refused to allow people to take in their folding camping chairs, but neglected to let people know this in advance. This meant that lots of people queued for ages to get into the arena, and then were turned away when they got to the gate as they had chairs with them. The prices inside were outrageous. The stewards were so poorly informed / trained as no one had any idea where anything was. And there were no rubbish bins anywhere - the arena at the end of the day was disgusting. Overall picture was poor - which is too bad, as I had a blast there last year.
Jennifer, London, UK

The Glade festival has to be the best festival in Britain right now. It seems a bit forgotten, but that is part of the beauty. No corporate sponsorship rubbish, no posers and that's how I hope it stays. 3 days of pure electronic bliss. Everyone there was there because they love the music, not because it's the place to be seen or the 'cool' thing to go to. The atmosphere was amazing. I don't think I've ever felt so sad about leaving an event before.
Sarah, Bristol

The Reading Festival was as great as ever, with some of the best bands in the world on stage plus loads of new talent on display. Top performance (again) has to go to Kasabian, with Arcade Fire as the next big thing to hit these shores. A bit poppier than in previous years, with The Killers and Razorlight, but all together a great weekend - with no mud!!
Gina Smith, Bucks

I've been to three festivals this summer - firstly the Isle Of Wight Festival in June: Great weather, very relaxed atmosphere and only having one stage meant there was no decisions on who to see and what to miss out on. Then Dance Valley in Amsterdam at the start of this month: rain, rain, rain and more rain turned it into a mud-filled Glasto-style festival... except the BBC weather site had forecast 100% fine weather. Thanks for that, BBC - not. Stages were closed and the festival shut dead on 11pm on the Saturday - and this was a dance festival? Will go to Glade next year as that sounded fab. Last weekend was V at Chelmsford. Yes there was queuing and yes we had rain putting up our tents on Friday and packing up on Monday but this was the best festival of the summer for me. Great line up, fine weather on the main days and you could take your own water and soft drinks in so the previous reviewer was unlucky (there were drinking water stands too in the arena btw...). Bring on 2006 and Glasto in 2007!
Keeley, London, UK

Went to Lost Vagueness near Lewes, fantastic little festival, al the punters got into the spirit and wore fancy dress from Suits/Ballgowns to 50's dresses to very little at all. All the mostly unheard bands were excellent, and the Casino and Cabaret tents had to be seen to be believed! The poledancers on stilts were incredible! A big thumbs up to the organisers!
Nick Page, Eltham, London

I went to V and thought it was fab. Oasis, Jet , Athlete, Maroon 5 put on a great show. Fantastic atmosphere - Only shame of weekend was the rip -off prices. We weren't allowed to take our own plastic bottles of water into the event. However they were happy to charge us 2 per small bottle once inside!
Gavin, London

M'era Luna 05
Fitz e-mailed photos of M'era Luna 05 in Hildesheim, Germany
V Festival, Essex: The best 2 days of my life so far and I'm only 15.
Lewis miles, Harwich England

The Glade festival did it for me this year, better than Glasto actually! A similar non-corporate vibe, only 15,000 people for an intimate feel in a truly gorgeous wooded site. Stunning weather and amazing performances from the cream of electronic music. I was blown away by sets from Sasha, Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin and didn't hear a duff tune all weekend. As the organizers said themselves: A Belter!
Dominic Armitage, London

We still the best festivals in the world but they're all starting to seem the same.. Reading got diluted by a large corporate sponsor and became The Carling Weekend (gag!) and split to Leeds (and lost the real rock element in the process) and V seems to pedestrian now. Bring back Phoenix!!!
Tim Carpenter, Bracknell, Berkshire

'Chillin' out, maxin' relaxing all cool'- the Big Chill, at Eastnor Castle in Hereforeshire didn't include any stress at all. The music was fabulous- mostly unheard of, an eclectic mix, but all with the same relaxed vibe. The Big Chill was one of the most civilised & family friendly festivals i have ever been to. Roll on next summer, this little known festival is a gem to be discovered!
Katriona, Edinburgh

Went to V festival in Staffs, atmosphere was amazing, bands were great, and we found the organisation perfect. Would love to repeat the experience when i can get the money together!!!
Nicky, Devon, England

Beautiful Days just rocked! The Levellers put on another great festival of sunshine and easy-going happiness. All the old crowd were there; kids in wheelbarrows, stinky toilets, naked fairy glitter-wrestlers. But there was no trouble, no fights, no drugs and this year, no mud. Chilled out and just oh-so friendly. Take your mates and have some fun.
Sandy Smith, Reading, Berks

Scissor Sisters
Andy Jones saw the Scissor Sisters at V in Weston Park
Just back from V in Chelmsford. I love festivals but this was the worst I've ever been to. Festivals for me mean great music, relaxation, fresh air and plenty of good natured people enjoying themselves. All we seemed to do this year was queue. We got caught in a crowd of hundreds trying to get through gates into the arena, from the campsite. One and a half hours (two acts) later we made it through the tiny gate. People were pushing and shoving and becoming increasingly impatient. It could have turned nasty. V staff were oblivious. The "Crowd control" staff employed there have no clue about safety or crowd control. I would imagine the organisers are legally required to employ a number of staff per number of festival-goers, regardless of what experience they have. The cheaper the better. I'll be heading elsewhere next year, as I'd imagine they'll try packing more and more in to Chelmsford. But hey, that's OK as long as they increase the number of crowd control staff they have there. Isn't it?
Emma, Kent

I had been put off festivals in the past due to over comercialism and overcrowding but I went to the aptly named Beautiful Days Festival in Devon this weekend which was out of this world. Brilliant time had by all. Well Done and Thank you Levellers!!
Joy , Wales

Ashton Court 2005, This festival is a hidden little gem, what an outstanding place to have a festival, overlooking the beautiful city of Bristol. Lemon Jelly performed what i think was one of the best closing sets of the summer, pure brilliance! And only 5, bargain!
Adam Dobson, Bristol, England

Me and 'im indoors went to V festival, Chelmsford. I was a festival virgin at 31 years old but have definitely caught the bug!
Sara, Watford, Herts

Ashton Gate
The crowd enjoying Lemon Jelly at Bristol's Ashton Court Festival (pic: Adam Dobson)
I went to Embrace at the Eden Sessions in Cornwall - amazing atmosphere and stunning setting!! The whole event just blew me away!!
Jess, Cornwall

Went to V2005 in Stafford. Prodigy were the highlight for me, absolutely stunning!!
Andy Boote, Dudley, West Mids

I went to V at Weston Park and it was awesome!! But what happened with the TV coverage, why only show Chelmsford, It was if there was only one site!
Kim, West Midlands

Went to FIB in Spain this year. Was brilliant, 9 days of camping with 5 days of music ending in a massive beach party. Weather was amazing too. Highlights had to be Underworld and the Optimo Djs at the Fibstart and Kasabian who stole the show from Oasis after headlining on the last night. Bring on next year!
Mike Jones, Glasgow

Just got back from the V festival at Stafford, been 6 times now and this was the best yet for bands - Prodigy, Kaiser Chiefs, The Music, Doves and The Bravery were fantastic. However, organisation-wise absolutely rubbish, we set off at 7.30am this morning and finally got off the car park at 11.00 - 'Traffic Marshalls' stood around drinking coffee and texting mates rather than sorting out the shoddy mess of getting cars away from the site.
Angela, Wigan, Lancashire

DWS 2005 - Awesome atmosphere, friendly people, great weather and a smashing party with free beer. Doesn't get much better.
Joe Gooding, Ipswich

For the first time this year I swopped the british festival scene for the Spanish. It will go down as one of the best decisions I have ever made!The five days of the FiberFib 2005 Festival in Benicassim rocked harder than I ever imagined. Every Band were more completely comitted to there performances and I left Spain with a knowledge that i had witnessed a massively special event
Dan Ball, Muswell Hill, UK

I went to the Truck festival this year. A huge range of music from thrash through to acoustic. SixTh, Biffy Clyro, The Magic Numbers, the Electric Soft Parade and Goldrush were the highlights.
Johnskibeat, Cambridge

I went to V Festival in Chelmsford and although the bands were excellent, the organisation of some of it was TERRIBLE. The toilet facilities were rubbish, with there only being 3 blocks of toilets in the arena with 1/2 hour queues. Also the drinks tokens were pointless, because everywhere I went, I could have paid cash. Despite the poor facilities I had a good time watching the bands, Oasis were excellent.
Amanda, Horsham, England

V Weston Park
Not the chill these festival-goers had in mind... from Carla Mecham at V Festival, Weston Park
V Festival - Oasis were fantastic, food was excellent, V Fest staff were excellent, festival goers were nice... All in all, a blinding weekend was had :-))
Gayle, Essex

I went to FIB this year near Valencia in Spain, there were about 15000 people and about half of them were British. Many of the people I met there say it was better than Glastonbury, I've never been so I can't draw comparison. Some of the bands there were Athlete, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, Kasabian, Chk Chk Chk, LCD Soundsystem and The Polyphonic Spree. It's needless to say I will be going next year, hopefully this post won't spoil my little secret.
Andrew Bunrip, UK

Great weekend - highlights being Faithless, Travis, Embrace and Snow Patrol. Been to Glastonbury and many other festivals in the past but there was something about Isle of Wight, maybe the smaller scale, that gave it a great atmosphere. Will definitely be back next year!!!

Download Festival was an absolutely fantastic experience! Velvet Revolver were truly ace. It was great to see Slash tearing around on a giant open air stage once again. I usually go to Reading, but the line-up there this year is abysmal!
Matt H, High Wycombe, UK

Just got home after the most awesome weekend at the Isle of Wight festival! Was blown away by REM last night and remembered how much I like Travis, Idlewild and Starsailor after their great performances. Brilliant music, weather and company - thanks IOW, see you next year!
Carys, Cardiff

M'era Luna
M'era Luna is billed as Europe's biggest gothic festival
Download 2005: Great festival... excellent performances from System of a Down and Black Sabbath. Great to see Ozzy Osborne giving it all, rocking with every inch of his mate. The atmosphere for System Of A Down was amazing, and the set was powerful and energetic. Great weather too and no problems. Now where's my tent?
Darren Devonport, Rainhill, Merseyside

I've just come back from the Download festival and it was amazing. I've been to all the previous Downloads and this was defiantly the best so far. The Friday line up was a bit poor tho, with MegaDeath pulling by far the biggest crowd even tho they were fourth on the bill. The Saturday soon got things back on track with some good old school names like Black Sabbath and Anthrax on the main stage along with familiar faces under new names in Velvet Revolver and Alter Bridge supporting them. Also some good up and coming bands such as In Flames and Chimaira on the second stage. Sunday was and even greater mix and stronger line up System of a Down, Slipknot, Slayer and Killswitch Engage did indeed kill it on the main stage. While Mastodon and Caliban gave the more hardcore fans something to dance to on the second. Which was Headlined by the mighty Motorhead, who left everyone happy and deaf. Definitely the best Download yet and one that knocks lumps out of the Carling weekend. See you there next year!! Rock on!
Nick Benning, Milton Keynes

I went to Isle of Wight - Razorlight were definitely the best - I also loved snow patrol.
Maria, London, England

Went to the Isle of Wight festival this year, was a brilliant line-up, and a great atmosphere which was enjoyed by all of us who went.
Alison Clowes, Oldham, UK

I went to the Oxegen festival this year and it was fantastic. Pretty random mixture of music, spanning from the Killer and Kasabian, to Snoop Dogg and The Saw Doctors. It was brilliant Craic and the weather was fab!
Lela Keighley, Manchester, England

V Chelmsford
The Prodigy on fire at V in Chelmsford, from Adam Knowles.
Went to the Rock and Blues Festival Pentrich Derbyshire. Absolutely brilliant! Australian Pink Floyd, The Damned, Thunder, Frank Marino and Rush Mahogany were my favourites. Well done the Outlaws for putting on such a good weekend. Only downside was the wet weather and the mud - but the atmosphere was brilliant!
Cath, Wirral, England

Went to Summer Sundae festi in Leicester - the cleanest, most chilled out festi I have ever been to with some quality bands - brilliant!
Sophie, Farnborough, Hants

I went to three festivals this year - Castell Rock in Aberystwyth, Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau and Fairport's Cropredy Convention in Cropredy. All of them were excellent. Musical highlights included the acoustic stage at Sesiwn Fawr (Gwyneth Glyn, Alun Tan Lan and Paul Dooley) the Poppies and Winabego at Castell Rock and The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain's versions of Wuthering Heights and Miss Dynamitee at Cropredy. Many of these are available on MP3 download sites if you missed these hidden gems of the festival circuit.
catrin, Aberystwyth, Wales

Went to T in the Park. That was my 5th time and it didnt let me down. For a kick off the weather was scorching all weekend The line up was fantastic, it was a great balance of up-and-coming (Magic Numbers) and well established artists (Green Day etc). Some folks have complained that it is starting to become too commercial , i dont agree. Put it this way if you want to see groups such as the Magic Numbers, Green Day, the Kaiser Chiefs, you have to allow to an extent the sponsors and companies in. TITP for me just gets better and better.
Mike , Falkirk

You can't beat Truck Festival as far as I'm concerned. As independent and free-spirited as you can get, comfortably intimate yet packed to the gills with a great mix of rewarding musical surprises and established favourites.
Alun Hughes, Aberdeen, Scotland

Fuiji Rock Festival
Japan's Fuiji Rock Festival, from Martine Weron
Cropredy 2005: I thought I'd go along to this, having failed for various reasons over the past four years. I only went for the Saturday though, my back is injured and would've made tenting it into a chairopractor's payday. Anyway, it was a wet Saturday afternoon but that didn't stop the legions of folk fans trooping into the field in North Oxfordshire. Beards, strange hats, brightly coloured trousers, it was all there in abundance. If you want to see the "Characters", go to a folk festival! The beer was also good. They brew their own ale especially for the festival and it's well worth a sup. So, onto the bands; They tended to have long sets. By which I mean full length sets for each act; none of your "30 minutes and then we pull the plug" nonsense, every artist got to play a while. So, here's who I saw: Uiscedwr Pleasant sounding little band with gaelic influences (or more likely, roots.) Made very good "Background" to drink to, and that's meant as a compliment rather than an insult. The Hamsters Solid if unspectacular folk rock. Finished with a cover of "Sharp Dressed Man" which at least got people moving. Beth Nielsen Chapman Eclectic singer / songwriter, covered a lot of ground musically, going from The accustomed Ballads to a Latin Hymn (Really!) and through a few bluesy / jazzy numbers. Perfect type of thing for a f0lk festival. Fairport Convention Fairport are the rulers of f0lk rock and proved it with a three and a half hour set of classics and new stuff, about eight guest musicians and dancers including Richard Thompson and Maartin Alcock. (Sadly no Dave Swarbrick, who I'd imagine is still recovering from having a new heart and lungs put in.) For those who are into set lists, I'm not even going to attempt to post it all; it was about forty songs! Highlights included the obligatory Matty Groves, Meet on the Ledge and Si Tu Dois Partir. I was pleased to hear Red and Gold, Wat Tyler and Genesis Hall. The Widow of Westmorland's daughter was an unexpected and pleasant surprise as was Walk Awhile and the new material stands up to the classic stuff well; Chris Leslie is a fine songwriter and a bloody good fiddler; his double fiddle duets with Ric Sanders were amazing. If you're into f0lk, get along to Cropredy next year. If it's half as good as this gig, it'll be well worth it
Duncan Saunders, Uffington, UK

Went to Download this year and it was brilliant. The bands were great (especially Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath and Slipknot) and it had a brilliant atmosphere. Only problem was this is the first festival ive been too and trying to work out what all this stuff about drink tokens was all about wasnt fun and they kept trying to give me a pint of Carling before I'd even said what I wanted.
Kieran Dryden, Edinburgh

Last weekend we were treated to the 1st all-acoustic show from Pixies as well as a brilliant set from Elvis Costello & the Imposters as both headlined this year's Newport Folk Festival. Amazing shows from both acts on scenic Narragansett Bay. Hope they're invited back in the near future.
tim towey, newport,rhode island usa

Fuiji Rock
Handy hints at Fuiji Rock (pic: Martine Weron)
We spent the weekend at V in Chelmsford and enjoyed some very good acts. I would suggest they change the name of the festival from V Festival to 'Q' Festival, as we Queued for everything. Went to Oxegen in Punchestown and was well impressed... highlights would have to be Keane, the Killers and the Prodigy, not to mention the perfect weather, the half-pipe and of course all the gorgeous Irish lasses!!
daniel, london

I decided against a summer holiday this summer, so I decided instead to see what festivals I could get tickets for. I'm lucky enough to have been to Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, T in The Park and V (Staffs) so far. All have been great so far, and have their own unique features, but Glastonbury is still the original and best, despite the dampness! Kasabian at Glasto and Chemical Brothers at V are the 2 most memorable performances of the summer for me. Unfortunately, the Isle of Wight and V Festivals were let down by stingy organisers not allowing you to take your own food and drink in, and then charging obscene prices once inside. Apart from that minor gripe, it was a fantastic way to spend a summer!
Batesy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

SZIGET festival in Hungary! What a week! I saw Korn (ok not super but still huge), Ska-P, Buena Vista Social Club, Brand New Heavies, Morcheeba, franz Ferdinand, The Hives, Good Charlotte, basement jaxx, Underworld and loads of other known bands and all of them rocked! I was mightily impressed by prices, and the superb attitude taken by all the attendees who pick you up during pogos and body-surfing... I would seriously recommend brits to go: we're still few and far between over there and the hungarian women are absolutely gorgeous. What more could you ask? This is the most multi-culti festival I've ever been to. Go. Next year.
Mo, Bedford

I did V in Stafford this weekend. Luckily I get VIP which gives you access to an area away from the river of rubbish - which there is no need for, terrible toilets, massive queues, and the constant feeling that it might kick off. V needs to be a lot better organised. You can get right into the festival site without a ticket which just encourages people to turn up and try their luck - and if they don't get in they sit outside the wall - listen to the music, get trashed and then loot tents. This is obviously a massive generalisation but it's corporate enough to be a lot better done. I know I sound miserable - but I actually had an amazing weekend - Roisin Murphy was fantastic.
Fay, Manchester

V Weston Park
Sunset at V in Weston Park, from Liz O'Hare
Went to the Beautiful Days Festival last weekend and it was excellent. A great atmos, loads of awesome music, inc. punk, reggae, ska, folk and rock, plus some really excellent crossover acts. You can keep your comercial leviathons like V, Reading, and even Glastonbury in the last few years - the Beautiful Days is where I wanna be!
Rich, Cardiff, UK

This year was my first time at V Festival and it will be my last. It was by far the worst organised festival (or event for that matter) that I have ever been to. Queues to get in meant that much of the morning was missed (gates were only opened 1/2 an hour before the show started) and drinking water was confiscated before you entered so you had to buy it from Volvic (one of the main sponsors) at inflated prices. Getting off the site in the evening was incredibly dangerous, there was no stewarding (there was no stewarding throughout the entire festival that I saw) and thousands of people were herded across a very narrow bridge and then a very narrow path in pitch black (all the lights were turned off at about 11.15pm). A really terrible event.
Andy, Chelmsford

Went to Wakestock in N.Wales it was fantastic. Great bands and DJs and stunning scenery. the best festival in wales by a distance!
Matt, London

I was at the Reading festival this weekend, and have to say that it was so much fun, I wouldn't hesitate going again. There was a fairly varied selection of bands, from Goldie Looking Chain to the Pixies, The Charlatans to Iron Maiden. The highlights for me were Kasabian and Iggy & the Stooges, both of which were outstanding. It definitely seemed to us to be better organised than previous years, the queues were long but moved very quickly, and the toilets were (for the most part) clean!! I know loads of people moan about prices, mud, toilets, queues, etc - but at the end of the day, it's a weekend festival - chill out, kick back with a beer and enjoy the good music!
Tanya, Leicestershire, UK

Went to Leeds this weekend and was blown away. I got to see my favourite band in the whole world, The Pixies. Never thought I'd ever see them live, so it was a wonderful experience. Other highlights were The Killers, Razorlight and Bad Religion. Even got to see Ed Byrne in the comedy tent. A great weekend all round.
Kelley Henn, Manchester, UK

Leeds Festival was a good one this year, the bands were fantastic and the atmosphere great. However the report of how security and staff handled the trouble and fires started is absolute rubbish. I was surrounded by exploding fires, tents and trees and i didn't see ONE member of staff except the fire crew attend any of them. We even gave a deodorant can to a security guard so people wouldn't put it on a fire and he just stood there and said 'oh yeah, umm cheers'. I even noticed some of the staff CHEERING when canisters exploded. If you ask me it was handled poorly.
Beccy Burrow, Keighley, UK

Went to Leeds and thoroughly enjoyed it. Highlights were Iron Maiden, Funeral for a Friend, Turbonegro, The Killers, Kings of Leon and the Foo Fighers on the music front and Reginald D Hunter, Marcus Brigstock, Ed Byrne and Mitch Benn on the comedy front. Looking forward to see who Mean Fiddler line up for next year. Was pretty well organised - some of the stewards could have been friendlier - with some being downright rude when you walked the wrong way! Erm Mean Fiddler - signage helps if you want people to be directed!! Other than that was reet good weekend!
Mark Skeet, Leeds, UK

I went to V in Staffs. It was a fantastic weekend with some brilliant acts - my highlight being the Kaiser Chiefs. The queues to get onto the campsite were ridiculous when we arrived, as were the queues for the wristbands we needed. 3 tables putting bands on thousands of poeople (makes sense?). Apart from the queues and the ridiculous prices of food and drink, I had a brilliant time and was quite suprised that the toilets were kept relatively clean. Sounds like Weston Park was a lot more organised and successful than Chelmsford - but then again, that's probably because we're northerners!
Katie Rimmer, Cheshire

I've just got back from Leeds. My back aches, my throat hurts, I feel like I am wearing someone else's legs and I didn't know underwear could possibly retain that much dried grass and mud. Remarkably, I only seem to smell faintly of dried beer and I am thankful that when I got punched in the face by one of the Neanderthals, who started brawling behind me, it was just two minutes before the Foo Fighters ignighted the stage, the evening and for me, my entire weekend. Only that performance could make me forget any level of pain or discomfort I was experiencing. I expected to be trodden on, pushed, elbowed in the ribs and have flying men drop on my head (that's all part of the fun). I didn't expect to be thumped. However, that small pocket of rage was the only one I witnessed during an otherwise fantastic event. There were calls to rally for the festival to become a four-dayer and I would definitely be behind that one!
Mel, Sheffield, UK

I went to FiB in Spain with a group of 20 odd mates and had the time of my life. I've given up completely on UK festivals and the recurring gamble with the weather. FiB gave us 9 days of camping on a clean campsite, with shower blocks, toilets and running hot water, AND 5 days of the best music I could want! The sun was blazing hot for the whole 2 weeks we were out there and the beach was gorgeous.
Ady Crymble, Manchester

Reading Festival? Should be called War Zone for teenagers. Got to be the worst festival I have ever been too. Camp sites are appaling. Not to mention pepole peeing up your tent, having sex next to your tent, throwing up everywhere and burning everything they can get their hands on. Very poor facilities and full of teenagers that have just got their first taste of freedom. If you are over 25 its like watching a field full of kids Glastonbury for me anytime!
Deborah Rowlands, Sheffield UK

Solfest in Cumbria, a great example of a festival for the people. With a diverse mixture of music and a mature family friendly audience. This has got to be one of the best kept secrets of the North. Glenn Tilbrook's set being one of the many highlights of the weekend. Shame about the gales but no rain.
Richard, Stockton

I was at V last weekend in Stafford. I was a great event, the variety of music was excellent as was the organisation of staff on site. I was suprised how safe and secure the atmosphere was and there seemed to be little of the theft or violence that may have been expected. Atmosphere in the arena was excellent and the bands - Oasis, Scissor Sisters, Kaiser Chiefs to name but a few all did fantastic sets. This year being the 10th anniversary of V, it certainly did itself proud with this year's effort! A*
Katharine Dent, Durham

We went to Summer Sonic in Tokyo this year and it rocked! The Japanese bands were very impressive, particularly Asian Kung Fu Generation. Oasis rocked, Weezer sucked and the highlight of it all was Kasabian. Never heard their music before seeing them live but they did it for us! Back again next year for sure! Thanks S.S.
Jason Evans, Tokyo, Japan

I lost my festival virginity by going with my sister to Leeds this year. Saw over 30 bands, including some brilliant up and coming acts such as Arcade Fire, as well as headliners like the Foo Fighters. The toilets were awful, but then I have been told that the toilets have a reputation as being the worst on the festival circuit, and the organisation seemed a bit lacking in places. Queueing for over 2 hours to get in and missing the first few acts, and then cashpoint queues for up to three hours? Something's not right there. All in all though, that wasn't enough to ruin our weekend, and we left with smiles on our faces and knowing we'd had a great time. Will definitely go back.
Rachel, Peterborough, UK

Rock is officially dead! Just come back from the Reading Festival where I was - mistakenly - lucky to stay in the guest camping area. Turns out that when rock stars aren't preaching on stage they are signing autographs for Harry's and Henrietta's from Hertfordshire... I will never go to another festival again. Absolute rip-off, bands all sound the same, and full of 'rock' losers ie. Goths.
Chris Hallahan, London & Berks

I went to Reading this year for the first time after previously going to V (both sites) and Leeds. I have to say it was by far and away the best festival I've ever been to- the line up was fab and the organisation and atmosphere was great. I went to Leeds last year and the atmosphere on the campsite was horrible, people weren't talking to anyone outside their groups and it had a nasty feel. This year, I met what felt like hundreds of random people and had a great laugh!Highlights of the weekend were the Foos (of course), Razorlight and GLC- and also Maximo Park, who should have been on the main stage! Reading organisers take note, these guys are going to be huge!!
Nic, Luton, UK

Went to V in Stafford on the Sunday. Great day, not too hectic and good atomosphere. Shame the camera's didn't appear as they did for Chelmsford, Kaiser Chiefs and Chemical Brothers certainly had it rocking and it would have been a good reprsentation of the V Festival as a whole to have coverage of both days in both venues. Looking forward to next year...
Rachael, Hampshire, England

Went to T and Leeds? this year. T was outstanding - great line-up, good organisation and brilliant atmosphere. Leeds had the line-up, but unfortunately there was a sizeable minority who wished to cause trouble. This was bad enough in itself, but the heavy-handed tactics of security were nothing short of disgraceful. In the absence of police, they had carte blanche to bully, intimidate and threaten anyone who happened to be in the vicinity. A review of this should be undertaken rapidly.
Rob, Newport, South Wales

Forget all the festivals this year, the place to be this was Creamfields! Faithless, Paul Van Dyk and Judge Jules were awesome. I can positivly say that Heeran, Rick and Graeme had the best time ever!
Heeran Rathod, Preston, Lancashire, UK

I went to Womad for the third time in a row this year. The music was varied and exciting, quite the best year of the three I have been to. However there was a problem with thefts which I have never before experience there. Hope it does not happen next year.
Morwenna Jordan, London

Having been to Reading in 1996 and loving it, I persuaded my boyfriend to come to Leeds this year to enjoy excellent music. I wish we hadn't bothered. Despite some amazing bands (Elbow being the undisputed highlight as far as getting close enough to a stage to actually hear music not distorted by wind is concerned)the whole weekend was punctuated by poor organisation, overcrowding, cynical over-pricing and the sense that everything could turn nasty at the drop of a hat. Sunday night's "minor disturbances" were more than an inconvenience; the behaviour of the groups involved in the alleged looting of vans (as one steward watching informed me), destruction of people's tents and illegal fires was threatening and genuinely distressing. I wonder when organisers and promoters are going to admit the failings of these over-hyped and highly cynical events. I would recommend any young music lover to go to small gigs where fans can see the stage and hear the music. But that's not going to happen while promoters prey on the pockets and inexperience of a demographic for whom staying out late is still a novelty. Not very rock and roll after all...
lou, london

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