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Test your knowlege of Big Brother
Big Brother
Big Brother has produced some memorable winners
The sixth series of Channel 4's Big Brother starts on Friday.

The show has been a huge success, producing some of the most memorable reality TV stars.

Will you be glued to the show for the duration or avoiding the TV at all costs?

Try our quiz to see how much you have remembered from the past five series of Big Brother.

Question 1
Who was the very first contestant to be evicted from UK Big Brother?
A: Andrew Davidson
B: Caroline O'Shea
C: Sada Walkington
Question 2
Romance has blossomed in the Big Brother house on a handful of occassions, but who are the only couple to have got married so far?
A: Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson
B: Sophie Pritchard and Lee Davey
C: Helen Adams and Paul Clarke
Question 3
Which contestant won a surprise reprieve by being voted back into the house by viewers in series four?
A: Anouska Golebiewski
B: Jon Tickle
C: Federico Martone
Question 4
Who was famous for singing "That's the Way I Like It?" while cleaning, landing a lucrative advertising deal in the process?
A: Alex Sibley
B: Paul "Bubble" Ferguson
C: Jonny Regan
Question 5
Who was the first person to leave the house in the fifth series?
A: Kitten Pinder
B: Emma Greenwood
C: Ahmed Aghil
Question 6
Which country did eventual series four winner Cameron Stout jet off to for a short sabbatical, swapping places with an overseas contestant?
A: Australia
B: Brazil
C: South Africa
Question 7
True or false...the first people to be evicted from the house in all five series have been female?
A: True
B: False
Question 8
In Big Brother 2 who broke the sweetcorn kernel-eating record?
A: Paul "Bubble" Ferguson
B: Dean O'Louglin
C: Stuart Hosking
Question 9
What did series three contestant Jade Goody think chewing gum was made of?
A: Rubber
B: Cheese
C: Pig
Question 10
Which of these contestants was not a series runner-up?
A: Ray Shah
B: Helen Adams
C: Alex Sibley

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