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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 May, 2005, 03:05 GMT 04:05 UK
Transparent house for Big Brother
Inside the new house

A transparent house will greet contestants on the sixth series of hit reality show Big Brother.

Channel 4 hopes the house will feel more "claustrophobic" than previous years because contestants will have nowhere to hide from each other.

It features transparent walls, outside showers and a transparent dining table.

The sixth series, which starts on Friday, will have 13 contestants - with producers promising a tough time for the "unlucky" 13th person.

Executive producer Sharon Powers said the designer was asked to create a house that feels sumptuous to viewers but uncomfortable to those living there.

This time, more than any previous year, there is nowhere to hide
Sharon Powers
Executive producer
She said: "The house will feel more claustrophobic than it was last year because all the internal walls are totally transparent.

"From the dining table area you can see into the bedroom, and from the garden you can see the living room.

"This time, more than any previous year, there is nowhere to hide."

Only producers will be able to control the heat of the outside pool and raise or lower the blinds separating the bedroom from the dining area.

The house also features a gold-coloured exit door, a vivid blue and cream carpet in the dining area, blue and pink walls and black and yellow kitchen cupboards.

Inside the Big Brother house - Channel 4/PA
Housemates will be able to see the bedroom from the dining area
Ms Powers said the real evil streak would be reserved for the 13th contestant.

"One of the big things that will be interesting this year is that there are going to be 13 housemates," she said.

"And boy you don't want to be that 13th housemate. They are going to have the unluckiest time of their lives."

Meanwhile, a rival broadcaster is launching a "public spirited" attack on reality TV by offering 70,000 to Big Brother contestants if they refuse to speak during the 11-week series.

Satellite network UKTV said its prize was an attempt to "diminish the amount of mindless drivel generated by the deluge of reality TV shows".

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