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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 13:09 GMT 14:09 UK
Murray 'unsettled' by latest film
By Caroline Briggs
BBC News entertainment reporter in Cannes

Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jim Jarmusch, Julie Delpy
Broken Flowers stars Murray [L] as a man exploring his past
Actor Bill Murray has said he found it "unsettling" making his latest film about a man who traces his girlfriends after discovering he has a son.

Broken Flowers, which premiered at Cannes on Tuesday, also stars Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton, Frances Conroy and Julie Delpy.

He likened making the film to "trying to learn to swing on a trapeze".

"You might want to try going to a circus camp or something for a couple of weeks instead," he said.

Broken Flowers is up for the prestigious Palme d'Or prize at the film festival and is considered one of the forerunners for the award, with Murray's performance praised as one of the strongest so far.

Bill Murray
Murray also starred in Lost in Translation

Jarmusch said he wrote the part of Don Johnston with Murray in mind.

He said: "I wanted to work with Bill for quite a while and I had written a script several years ago and he was interested.

"But I decided I did not want to make that story, so I talked to Bill about the idea for Broken Flowers and we went with it." "I wrote it thinking about Bill as the character.

I wanted to create a character that Bill could embody well."

Murray added that hunting down old flames was not something he would recommend.

Delving into past

"For six weeks, trying it with four different actresses, I found it to be unsettling and disturbing," he said of the film, directed by Jim Jarmusch.

But Murray, who was nominated for an Oscar for Lost in Translation, said the role of Don Johnston in Broken Flowers did resonate more as he got older.

"I have thought about it [looking for old flames] but I usually decide to try in the middle of the night in a hotel," he said.

"I think about people in my past a lot. I think we all have someone in our past who you think maybe I didn't give them, or maybe I didn't give myself much of a chance."



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