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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 09:18 GMT 10:18 UK
Reality TV for Super Size Me star
Morgan Spurlock
Spurlock said the Muslim episode was one of his favourites
Morgan Spurlock, the director of the cult fast-food documentary Super Size Me, has filmed a Christian living as a Muslim for 30 days for a new TV series.

The show is part of his new TV series 30 Days, which puts people in unfamiliar situations for a month.

The shows sees the Christian dealing with "what's it like to be a Muslim in America ... who is seen every day as a threat to our freedom."

The new series starts in the US on 15 June on the FX network.

Other episodes of the new show include a conservative man living with a gay flatmate, and a woman embarking on a binge-drinking spree as a warning to her daughter.

'Miraculous' effect

Another sees Spurlock and his girlfriend try and survive on the minimum wage.

Spurlock said the Muslim episode was one of his favourites.

"We took a fundamentalist Christian from my home state of West Virginia, somebody who is very pro-war, pro-'us versus them,' that when you hear Muslim the only thing he thinks of is a guy standing on a mountain with an AK-47," Spurlock said.

The man leaves his family to live in a Muslim household in Dearborn, Michigan, which has one of the largest Islamic populations in the US.

Super Size Me
Super Size Me was nominated for an Oscar

"He dresses as a Muslim, eats as a Muslim, he prays five time a day, he studies the Koran daily, he learns to speak Arabic.

"He works with an imam, a Muslim cleric, to learn the history of Islam, what are the five pillars, why are they important," Spurlock said.

He said the effect on the man after the 30 days was "miraculous, it's incredible".

Spurlock won an Oscar nomination for Super Size Me, which saw him embark on a month-long diet of nothing except McDonalds fast food - which saw his weight balloon and his health suffer.

In the first episode, Spurlock and his partner Alex Jamieson move from New York to Columbus, Ohio to see if they can make ends meet on the minimum wage - which is US$5.15 (2.80) an hour.

"I was working two jobs, I was working on average 16 or 17 hours a day," he said. "On my best day I made US $91.75 (50.05), which is terrible."

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