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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 May, 2005, 08:10 GMT 09:10 UK
Linkin Park threaten label exit
Linkin Park
Linkin Park had US & UK hits with albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora
US band Linkin Park want to end their contract with music giant Warner Music because they do not feel the firm will promote their next album enough.

The rock band said Warner Music Group's "diminished resources" would leave it "unable to compete in today's global music marketplace".

Linkin Park said they brought in 10% of the firm's music sales. They are due to record four more Warner albums.

The music firm said the "inflammatory" threat was a "negotiating tactic".

'Increasingly concerned'

The band, which blended rap and rock on hit albums such as Hybrid Theory and Meteora, said they would not continue with plans to record their next Warner Music Group (WMG) album, due in 2006.

"Linkin Park has become increasingly concerned that WMG's diminished resources will leave it unable to compete in today's global music marketplace, resulting in a failure to live up to WMG's fiduciary responsibility to market and promote Linkin Park," the band's management company said.

It added that Linkin Park had become concerned about WMG's ability to promote the band due to cost-cutting efforts at the music company.

They have always been compensated generously for their outstanding worldwide success
Warner Music Group spokesman
Linkin Park's decision to postpone its next album and increase its reliance upon touring, merchandise and endorsements would be "disastrous" for WMG, its managers said.

However the company said the band's contribution to WMG profits had been overstated, saying Linkin Park albums accounted for about 3% of the company's US sales in the last five years.

"While Linkin Park's talent is without question, the band's management is using fictitious numbers and making baseless charges and inflammatory threats in what is clearly a negotiating tactic," a WMG spokesman said.

"Warner Bros Records has made significant investments in Linkin Park, and they have always been compensated generously for their outstanding worldwide success."

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