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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 April, 2005, 16:55 GMT 17:55 UK
Time travel film tops family poll
Michael J Fox in Back to the Future
Time travel comedy Back to the Future spawned two hit sequels
Hit movie Back to the Future is the perfect family film, according to a poll.

The 1985 movie, starring Michael J Fox, had the perfect ingredients for family viewing, researchers found.

Comedy was voted the most important ingredient by 40% of families. Adventure and romance were joint second with 15% each.

More than 3,000 people were asked to name their favourite family film for the Sky Movies survey.

Suspense, sci-fi and fantasy, all of which feature in Back to the Future, got 10% of votes.

Time travel

Sex appeal was considered important by mothers and teenage girls but got only got six per cent of votes overall, followed by social justice with four per cent.

The Harry Potter films came second on the list, followed by Home Alone and The Goonies.

Undergraduates at the University of London's Royal Holloway college carried out the research.

Back to the Future saw Fox play Marty McFly, who inadvertently changes his family's lives when he goes back in time and meets his parents as teenagers in 1955.

It spawned two successful follow ups in which McFly travelled first into the future and then back to the Wild West.

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