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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 April, 2005, 08:00 GMT 09:00 UK
Singer's car goes for cheap price
George Michael on Parkinson
The online auction advert described the sale as a "unique opportunity"
Singer George Michael has sold his car for 11,600 in a charity auction, with the money raised falling short of the 50,000 he originally paid for it.

Michael put the black Range Rover with registration number J5 STUD up for sale on internet auction site eBay in aid of his "favourite charities".

Despite being billed as a "unique opportunity", the price failed to rise above 11,600 after 10 days.

The 41-year-old singer bought the top-of-the-range vehicle in 1991.

Car clamped

The vehicle made headlines in 1992 when it was clamped as Michael prepared for a night out with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Subsequently kept on his father's stud farm in Cyprus, it was sold with a "massive" stereo system, a dent on the rear bumper and "a few marks on the body".

The advert for the item said: "This is a unique opportunity to own a car owned by one of the most talented singer/songwriters of modern times.

"It is without question a one-off, as this gentleman's vehicles never see the private ad columns and would normally be handed down to family or friends."

While the vehicle was "not by any stretch of the imagination in immaculate condition" it was still "perfectly usable", the advert added.

Bidding for the car started at 3,000 and a total of 39 offers were received.

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