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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 April, 2005, 14:01 GMT 15:01 UK
Pope books beat Potter in Germany
Pope Benedict XVI
Ratzinger took the name Pope Benedict XVI
The writings of Joseph Ratzinger, who has become Pope Benedict XVI, have knocked the next Harry Potter book off the top of a German book chart.

The German version of online retailer Amazon has the Pope's books occupying the top three spots in its chart, with four more of his titles in the Top 10.

Salt of the Earth - the transcript of a major interview he gave a decade ago - has gone straight in at number one.

The Harry Potter book, to be published in July, drops down to fourth place.

It has dominated the bestseller list since its publication date was announced, as fans pre-book their copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

1. Salz der Erde (Salt of the Earth)
2. Werte in Zeiten des Umbruchs (Values in Time of Upheaval)
3. Einfuehrung in das Christentum (Introduction to Christianity)
5. Aus meinem Leben (Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977)
6. Erklaerung Dominus Iesus
7. Glaube, Wahrheit, Toleranz (Truth and Tolerance)
10. Skandaloser Realismus?
Bookstores in Berlin are also reporting a run on Ratzinger titles. His latest work, Values in Time of Upheaval, is already sold out, with publishers Herder planning a reprint of 20,000 to follow the initial 3,000 copies.

Heyne, publishers of Salt of the Earth, are also printing more copies.

"It's a five-figure print run," said a spokeswoman for the company.

"There's been a run in the last week as his name has gained prominence," the owner of a Christian bookshop in the German capital told the Reuters news agency.

"People are wanting to find out about the man."

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