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Last Updated: Friday, 22 April, 2005, 15:28 GMT 16:28 UK
Show to follow 'real EastEnders'
Unlike EastEnders, the show will feature real people in east London
The lives of 10 families will be documented as they go about their daily lives on an east London estate for a "real-life EastEnders" reality show.

The families from across the UK are being sought for the 2006 series - which could last up to a year - made by Bad Girls creator Shed Productions.

Participants will go to work and school as normal before returning to the purpose-built east London estate.

"We plan to broadcast the show three times per week," a spokeswoman said.

Given the working title Project Blue, filming is due to begin this year on what programme-makers called "the biggest reality TV show ever".

"The series is still being developed but we are already looking for families to take part," the spokeswoman added.

Among other questions, applicants are asked to detail their last "household drama" and asked: "Is there anything you and your family/flatmates argue about on a regular basis?".

While no broadcaster has yet picked up the series, channels Sky One and ITV are among those being approached.

The announcement follows German channel RTL II's decision to build an entire village near Cologne to house its sixth series of Big Brother, which began last month with no definite end date.

Both series are reminiscent of the 1998 movie The Truman Show, in which Jim Carrey starred as a man whose entire life was broadcast on television.

Would you watch people getting on with their everyday lives for a year? Would you take part in such a series? Has reality TV reached its logical conclusion?

I am currently working in india and have been here for over a year. The biggest English-speaking TV programmes they have here are all reality TV. You are all saying 'not another one' but we all know as soon as it's on TV we will all be watching. Let's face it the whole world is obsessed with reality TV, watching other peoples lives. It's a winner.
Gemma, Bristol, UK

I think this is a very good idea. I was wondering the other week what it would be like with a real life soap - at least this will answer all my questions! I can't wait till it starts!
Fred Hollinsworth, Humberston England

Reality TV and TV in general have become morbid, unentertaining, and have left the 21st generation without any imagination or trust toward other human beings.
Linda, Chantilly USA

Aren't there enough "reality" shows on the air right now??? How sad is it that we have developed into such a voyeuristic society that we think it is entertainment to watch others go about their mundane daily duties?
Anita , Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Oh god, no, please. And possibly for a whole year! This type of programme is what is taking TV further into the gutter. It's not needed, it's not enjoyable. Thankfully it's not licence fee money, otherwise there'd be a huge outcry at the total waste of money this project is using. I mean, what is it going to prove?
David Quinton, Wigan, England

The point is that it is NOT actually reality anyway...(keeping people in a purpose-built estate!), so why are they bothering!!! Give the money they spend on this estate to some good cause like inner city regeneration or kids' playgrounds.
GB, Cleveland

The latest bubble off the think tank is so weak I'm surprised it it was let out the room, let alone made public. This shows a lack of imagination you should be ashamed of. It rather smacks of being a ratings chaser, but don't count on it. I wouldn't bother tuning in.
Gavin Scott, Edinburgh

There's something seriously wrong with the direction television is taking. I find myself watching less and less, while my girlfriend just watches more. If I wanted reality I'd go out with my friends or see my family. For me, telly (like music) is a means of escape, it should provide something to aspire to.
Neil, Liverpool, UK

I think it is a brilliant idea! I love reality tv shows!
Sam Gray, Cambridge,

More reality TV? More Eastenders? Please, god, no.....
Dave, Doncaster, UK

As opposed to watching other people's lives, might I suggest that we should all try to get one of our own?
James Mackay, London

This type of derivative cheap tat makes me despair of the programme makers - I can't think of a worse pastiche: a failing soap parodied as reality TV. The time for reality TV has passed. It got very dull very quickly. If I want to watch self-obsessed loudmouths I can switch over to the House of Commmons anytime.
mhmh, edinburgh

Yes I would love it. This could be the next Big Brother, I can't wait. Can i be on it!
Jamie O'Connell, West Midlands

It's a sad state of affairs when the only 'new' ideas to entertain the country come in the form of these car-crash-televisual-uneducational piles of trashy rubbish reality TV programmes. Of course I'll be watching it, sounds fantastic. Like a fast food feast for the eyes.
Phil Bennett, Cardiff, UK

Is there no end to reality TV drudgery. Wouldn't it be a novel idea to have NO REALITY TV for at least 12 months to give us all a break. Whatever happened to inspired creativity, rather than the concept of running a theme into the ground??
Matt, Norwich

Reality TV has been the zeitgeist of the early 2000s but please enough already! In the early days its originality was its appeal but now so many people have jumped on the bandwagon that it's become tired and out-dated.
April Souini, Cardiff, Wales

No no no no nooooooooooooooooooo! Please please make them stop!
Ed, London

It's another one of those, isn't it. We all say it's utter trash but know full well that it'll bit an instant hit and have you hooked within minutes. Unfortunately, it'll be the gossip in the office and you can't escape other than to put your fingers in your ears, hum, and think about what's for tea tonight...
Zoe, Bristol

To anyone thinking of taking part in or watching this show I think there's a very simple message - get a life!.
Simon, Birmingham

I would watch this type of programme as I would find it interesting, as was the programme The Family several years ago. Yes there are reality shows everywhere on TV these days. However, they need not be rubbish as I am sure this production would not be. It would only fuel the nation's quest for curiosity of other people's lives.
Jayne Peyton, Birmingham UK

UID 3229961)

It seems many would be against this idea. I myself do think that Reality TV has now begun to run its course, but viewing figures for programmes like Big Brother and I'm a Celeb go to show that there are still many people daft enough to want to watch them. And if I was a producer who had the chance of making a hefty profit from broadcasting such programmes to gullible people with no lives of their own, I would!!
Joanne, Keighley, West Yorkshire

What a waste of time and money. There are so many programs similar to this. Where's the new stuff?
Coatsy, Newcastle, UK

Most self-respecting people will probably declare that they will never watch such a programme but the chances are that once it's on air they will be secretly turning on their television sets and turning down social invitations to catch the next episode.
Elliott, London

I'd rather stick red hot needles in my eyes than watch another reality TV show.
Bored of Ware, Ware, Herts

No thanks, I live in the East End, far too much reality already thanks!
Lydia, London, UK

Providing it's not on the BBC, I don't care whether I would watch it or not. Certainly not something worthy of the BBC! I don't think reality TV has reached its conclusion just yet. Shows will keep getting more over the top until, perhaps, there is a death or serious mental anguish as a result. Maybe then some rules (or even just sense) will be introduced and we can go back to normal television.
Rikki, Essex, UK

Would it not be better to film the 'real' lives of script writers, at least we would end up with something worth watching, a drama, a play, a comedy - with real actors !!!
Derek, Solihull

It's an odd move for Shed which has given us excellent, popular, creative (if not a bit far fetched) shows like Footballers Wives and Bad Girls so why follow into a reality style of show that every tom, dick and harry churns out. If I remember correctly BBC2 used to have a reality style show years ago called "The Village" so to some extent even the format has been done!!! Next Please!
Daniel, Reading, UK

I find nothing more boring than sitting on a sofa watching other people sitting on a sofa!!!!!
Chloe, Manchester, UK

No more reality TV! It demeans us as human beings!
IW, London

Oh please stop all the reality TV shows. I do not want to watch other people live their everyday lives - I get to live my own, which is far more interesting as far as I'm concerned. Why not put more money into new exciting projects or more independent British films. Reality shows make me switch off, not tune in.
Helen, Leeds

No, No, No!! Are TV companies so lazy these days that they have to rely on putting real life on TV instead of creating something fictional and, dare I say it, original? There is too much reality TV on our screens. Big Brother was a reasonably good idea at this start, but now everyone is doing reality TV. enough is enough!
Helen, Bristol

I can only suspect that the type of person drawn to participate in a show such as this must be deeply unfulfilled. The idea of living out my ENTIRE life in such a voyeuristic manner fills me with horror and I can only imagine what such a concept may lead onto...
Jess Pemberton - James, Portsmouth

Oh God, stop! Please stop! No more "reality" shows, please! If I wanted to watch people living their stupid lives in front of me, I'll sit at a cafe and watch them go by. That's about how long they would interest me.
Nik, London

There is already to much of this type of programme on TV. I can see why it's appealing to broadcasters to fill our screens with 'reality TV', as it is cheaper to make and produce then a regular programme which would involve paying writers, script editors and actors. I see enough of real life every time i open my eyes in the morning and on my TV in the evening i would prefer something that entertains and provides an element of escapism. Not more people doing what we all do day to day. Hopefully the BBC will take up the challenge of producing more quality TV, and not sign a cheque for an unimaginative, hum drum and frankly something that belongs on cable TV, channel 999999
JPM, Middlesex

I don't have enough time for my own life, let alone watching other peoples'.
Clive, Cardiff, UK

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