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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2005, 11:00 GMT
Jackson sued by advisor for $64m
Michael Jackson
Jackson allegedly refused to co-operate with advisor Dieter Wiesner
A former advisor to Michael Jackson has sued the singer for $64m (37m), alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Dieter Wiesner claims he paid the singer millions of dollars for rights to merchandise his name and likeness that were not Mr Jackson's to sell.

The Los Angeles Superior Court action also alleged that Mr Jackson refused to co-operate with Mr Wiesner and interfered with merchandising efforts.

A lawyer for Mr Jackson was not available for comment.

'Abruptly fired'

The legal action alleged the singer had sold the merchandising rights to another buyer prior to Mr Wiesner.

That buyer subsequently sued Mr Wiesner, who also claims Mr Jackson asked him to become his personal manager in 2002.

Mr Weisner said he was then abruptly fired by Mr Jackson shortly after allegations of child abuse were made against the singer in 2003.

"True to form, Jackson never paid Wiesner for the countless hours he spent rescuing Jackson from the brink of financial disaster," the legal action stated.

Mr Jackson was cleared of child abuse charges in June after a four-month trial. He has since spent much of his time in Bahrain.

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