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Rasta poet writes Osbourne verses
Benjamin Zephaniah
Zephaniah said Ozzy Osbourne was "bona fide Brummy royalty"
Birmingham-born poet Benjamin Zephaniah has written a poem about The Osbourne family to mark the final episode of their popular MTV reality series.

"I thought it was only fitting to put pen to paper and write them a fitting ode," said the Rastafarian writer.

"The challenge was to write a poem about a family that has become an alternative institution without it sounding too worthy," he added.

The last episode of The Osbournes will be broadcast on MTV this Sunday.

The show is based around the anarchic home life of heavy metal rock star Ozzy Osbourne, who also hails from Birmingham.

"Ozzy's not just the Prince of Darkness, but he's bona fide Brummy royalty too," said the poet, who famously turned down an OBE in 2003.

A stanza from his poem reads as follows:

    There'll be no more father figure
    And the mother we all crave
    Will not inspire us sinners
    As her children rant and rave
    They'll be no one left to ruin us
    And make us shout out loud
    We need stuff that is ridiculous
    To make us all feel proud.

"On the night I wrote the poem I was thinking about all the things that I loved and how much I would miss them if they went," said Zephaniah.

Ozzy, his wife Sharon and his children Jack and Kelly have become cult celebrities as a result of the show, which has earned them a reported $85m (46m).

Last week Sharon and her eldest daughter Aimee, who did not appear in the TV series, pulled out of a six-week run of stage show The Vagina Monologues so Aimee could be treated for breast cancer.

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