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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 03:22 GMT
Stones wake up the Gentle People
Rolling Stones
The Stones are touring to promote a new album
San Francisco residents have complained of noise from a Rolling Stones stadium concert with one man suggesting the ageing rockers were too deaf to notice.

People living near SBC Park spoke of windows and floors vibrating.

City officials were considering the use of a sound meter to monitor levels at the stadium when the band returned for another show.

"Just because they're too old to hear their music doesn't mean [it] has to be so loud," said resident Ted Weinstein.

Officials from the Giants baseball team, which owns SBC Park, have said they will try to reduce the noise level.

San Francisco was known as a hippy destination in the 1960s with a famous song of the same name promising that there were "some gentle people there".

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