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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 April, 2005, 16:18 GMT 17:18 UK
TV audiences in Asia turning off
Donald Trump
Donald Trump's The Apprentice was one of 2004's TV successes
New figures show the amount of time people spend watching TV has risen across the world, except in Asia.

The annual Eurodata TV Worldwide study found that average world TV viewing figures rose slightly, to three hours and three minutes per day.

Regionally, Asia-Pacific fell to last spot from third, with an average of two hours 33 minutes, down by six minutes.

Japan leads the way with an average of five hours per day, trailed by the US on four hours 46 minutes.

Viewing amounts in China dropped by five minutes, the largest drop among key countries.


North America as a region watches the most TV, adding an extra three minutes on 2003 to total an average four hours 28 minutes viewing per day.

Europe was runner-up with three hours 35 minutes, followed by the Middle East then Latin America.

Viewing amounts in Western Europe rose by four minutes per day, but their Eastern counterparts watch more.

South Africa is the only African country included in the survey, registering an average three hours and nine minutes.

Drama continues to be the most popular type of viewing, grabbing 46 per cent of audiences.

Entertainment shows draw 36 per cent of viewers, with reality TV shows accounting for one in ten of all entertainment shows.

Both the Big Brother and Idol series continued to draw above average audiences, while The Apprentice, starring Donald Trump, got 28 million US viewers.

News viewing rose thanks to major international events including the Iraq war and the US presidential elections.

Sports viewing remained about the same, with the Athens Olympics and football's European Championships and World Cup qualifiers among the top-rated events.

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