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Last Updated: Monday, 11 April, 2005, 15:18 GMT 16:18 UK
Coldplay head Glastonbury line-up
Coldplay singer Chris Martin
Coldplay release their third album, X&Y, in June
Coldplay, Kylie Minogue and the White Stripes are the headline acts at this summer's Glastonbury festival.

All three will perform on the main Pyramid stage at the June event alongside Brian Wilson, Van Morrison and New Order.

Razorlight and Bloc Party join the UK contingent in a line-up that also includes pub rockers Chas 'n' Dave.

All 112,000 tickets for the event, which runs from 24-26 June, sold out in less than three hours.

The White Stripes will top the bill on Friday, while Coldplay will make their third Glastonbury appearance on Saturday.

Minogue closes the festival on Sunday with a hi-tech performance that will require adjustments to the Pyramid stage.

Divided between 11 stages, the line-up comprises over 200 acts that run the gamut from established names to untested newcomers.

Many of the latter will be found on the John Peel stage, named after the late BBC disc jockey and champion of alternative music.

Glastonbury 2004
Glastonbury is the highlight of the summer festival calendar
US synth-rockers The Bravery, winners of the BBC News website's Sound of 2005 poll to find the best new music talent, lead a strong showing of contemporary bands, while solo artists range from hotly-tipped Scottish folk singer KT Tunstall to US singer-songwriter Tori Amos.

Audiences can also sample such bizarre-sounding ensembles as Shooglenifty, the Baghdaddies and the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band.

However, festival founder Michael Eavis's hopes of booking Irish rockers U2 appear to have been dashed.

Last year's Glastonbury saw Sir Paul McCartney and Oasis brave wet weather to perform before a largely enthusiastic crowd.

Mr Eavis has already announced there will be no festival in 2006.

What do you think of the Glastonbury line-up? How does it compare to previous years? Which acts do you think should have been included? Send us your comments here.

Line-up? Pah, who cares! If they bring the love sculpture, lost vagueness and ostrich burgers we'll bring the spirit and the fun.
Liam, Lancashire

Kylie - not a festival act, it's ridiculous to even mention her name along with Coldplay etc.
Pudds, UK

It looks pretty good to me! It's also very noticeable that the ones complaining aren't able to suggest anything better. They'd complain whatever.
Phil Bowlew, Dudley

What a cracking line-up! I think we are in for a treat with Willy Mason and Razorlight's first Glasto appearance is sure to be a memorable moment. For those who think they are getting a better deal with Reading or V...I suggest you re-read the line up details!
Mark, Milton Keynes

The line-up, as every true fan of Glastonbury knows, is only half of what makes Glastonbury so compelling. Most of my time is typically spent enjoying the countless other attractions and distractions that randomly occur throughout the event. That said, musical highlights for me will include, Nouvelle Vauge, MIA, Whitey, Plantlife and of course The White Stripes.
sAM Percival, London

It'll be amazing who ever plays, plus with less obvious headliners on it leaves more time for all the other stuff at Glasto (Lost vagueness etc) and also stumbling across bands you've never heard of...cannot wait! :-)
Bex, Manchester

You're only talking about 3 bands here! I have just checked out the full listing and there are some amazing acts on! I am very excited and think that at least I'll have all the good bands to myself when everyone else is watching Coldplay and Kylie!
Helen, London

Kylie at Glastonbury...the shame of it. As a regular goer in the '90's seeing the likes of Plant & Page, Black Crowes, Prodigy, The Orb plus dozens of other CLASS acts, it sure has gone downhill. Sold out in a few hours maybe but it's a festival on its last legs.
Collie, Northolt UK

Compulsory ID cards, security fences, stop and search, all the noise turned down by 11pm. The sort of thing that is unacceptable for society at large but ok for the bohemian atmosphere of a music festival. Kids will do almost anything to see Chas and Dave. (When orbital did their last gig I wondered how Mr Eavis would ever fill the void - what a relief!)
Paul, Nottingham

Just WHAT is Kylie Minogue doing on the bill, let alone headlining it? I don't understand. Glastonbury has always been about music. Next year perhaps we'll see Girls Aloud. I give up...
Chris, Birmingham UK

Boring, boring, bland. I'm wishing I was going to Roskilde now, they have a killer line-up!
Jess, Bristol

Hahahaha! You spend 5 hours on the phone and internet to get tickets for Kylie! You poor schlubs! Roll on the Leeds Festival!
Melanie, Manchester

Kylie headlining at Glastonbury? I thought it was a sick joke when I first heard the rumours. How can they sell the tickets in 3 hours on the strength of that? Is this country full of Pop Idol/ Fame Academy etc. etc. brainwashed idiots? I hope this just reflects the end of a very bad period in this country's music heritage. Thank god for all the new British talent we've seen recently - maybe Glasto 2007 will be worth a go.
Andy, Hampshire

Pretty safe really. No major surprises, but has Mr.Eavis got anything tucked up his sleeve. Kylie a headliner is a bit of a disappointment. But Glasto is about the people really and how the people make the festival. Would like to see a bit of a less NME stance on it all. But it is all pretty eclectic. Would like to have seen 3 bands on the Peel Stage, The Delaners, UpCDownCRightCLeftC+ABCStart and Pure Reason Revolution. All these guys are such festival bands
PinKila, Medway

It's the best line-up for years, the diversity of bands this year is far better than any I have seen before. The best thing about Glastonbury is those little acts you stumble on not the headlining pap.
Sophie bowering, Brighton

There is a good few dance acts I want to see. Squarepusher will be my highlight and 2many djs. I would love to see Nine Inch Nails added though. Slightly better than last year's very poor line-up but nowhere near as good as 2003. It's OK.
Alex Mcquaid, Dublin, Ireland

Yet again the Reading and V Festival lot just don't get it. If Glasto was just about the line up then it would not sell out so quick. I'm not bothered at all sunshine, mud or whatever the weather brings it will be an experience unlike any other as it is every year. Which other Festival could get away with Lost Vagueness!!!
James, London

Well I'm not really impressed with the line-up, but then again this festival's not just about popular music. Not with all the other stuff that goes on.
Aaron, Sheffield

Kylie and Glastonbury was like bringing John Prescott to the Brit awards.
Andrew, High Wycombe

Fantastic line-up in my eyes, some excellent non-mainstream bands on the smaller stages and no massive artists to bring all their "tourists". all we need for the next time is a complete embargo on anyone that has been in the charts in the last 10 years...... then we'll clear out the "only here for Oasis/Macca/U2/Radiohead" lot :)
Jon Ajuna, Somerset, UK

Can't believe how miserable 50% of the people who have posted a message here are. If you're disappointed with as diverse a line up as this then you're either really ignorant and/or selfish. There is really something for everyone across all the stages. If you'd rather watch the same old stuff for a weekend then go somewhere else and stop moaning about Glasto!
Chris, London

Who cares who plays? You can have a great Glastonbury without ever seeing a band!
Jules, Aberdeen, ul

It is indeed an average Glastonbury line up and Coldplay, White Stripes and especially Kylie headlining is an insult. Among the best acts for me are New Order & Echo & The Bunnymen, and bands influenced by them (the superb Interpol and the Killers). But the return of the best song-writing duo of our generation Anderson & Butler with The Tears...who will blow away everything else that weekend.
Gregg Kearney, Glasgow

I couldn't care less who plays. The best music is always the stuff you find by accident like sitting by the fire in the Tipi Field at two in the morning or hiding from the rain in the Green Fields.
Emma, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sean Keeney in Cheltenham, you won't know who plays. You'll be at the cider bus all weekend. Admit it.
Andy Ballard, Englishman in Switzerland

Gutted. I tried for tickets and couldn't get any and now they just twist the knife further by announcing that Chas 'n' Dave are playing.
James, Sheffield, UK

Coldplay/ Kylie/ Kasabian? These are the types of bands that rubbish local radio stations want on their line-up when they organise a 'party in the park' on your local common, not Glasto. Boring!!
Nick, Southampton

The line-up's not great but then again it never is on first glance. However I'm more than pleased to be seeing Interpol and New Order, and loads of great new bands on the John Peel stage. I have to laugh at people saying they'd rather go to Reading though - Reading has about a quarter of the number of stages and nothing to do after midnight. No matter how few bands there are at Glastonbury I want to see, I know I'll still never have time to do all the things I want to and that is why it wipes the floor with Reading, Leeds, V etc. Still, if I didn't have tickets I'd probably be trying to pour cold water on Glastonbury as well....
Not bitter!

The headliners may not be up to much this year, agreed, but to base your whole opinion of the festival on which bands are headlining is unfair. There's over 200 other acts playing over the weekend, so even if you don't want to watch the headliners, there's plenty of other stages to visit. Even if you still can't find a band you like, there's always the theatre, circus and comedy tents, not to mention the countless stalls, shops, arts and crafts on offer 24 hours a day, not just until the curfew, like other festivals. It's not just about the headliners, it's not just about the music, it's about the vibe. Those who are going to Leeds/Reading and V may have a better line up, but those going to Glasto have a better festival. Roll on June.
Christopher, Liverpool

I'm not impressed with the headliners, Coldplay, the white stripes and kylie. I'll be watching Razorlight, The Killers, Rufus Wainwright, and if Jack Johnson was there would definitely watch him too.. Its all about the atmosphere which is always excellent whoever plays.
Adam, Street, Somerset

I started watching Coldplay at the V Festival a few years ago. After about 20 minutes someone told me there was some paint drying on the other side of the site so I went to watch that instead - much more entertaining.
Dave, Southampton

Although it always seems to be remembered for the headline acts of the year this wonderful one of a kind festival has always been less about who is playing than just the being there. What I love about Glastonbury is the quality of folk it brings together ... those who decide to brave the weather, dodgy sanitation, and tent living. We are not looking for the revolving live music jukebox that is every other repetitious music merry-go-round that is every other festival (with the exception of Roskilde) in Europe. Disappointed in the line-up? Go somewhere else! If the Cheeky Girls were the only act playing Glastonbury you'd still find me there dancing come sun or rain in a field.
Graham Holey, Wellington, New Zealand, and London

Well, of course Kasabian and Bloc party would be worth seeing, but I decided to do something special this year: I'm going to the Sziget festival in Budapest. It's cheap (50 euros if you buy in advance!!) and there are bands like Franz Ferdinand playing, along with almost 400 other acts during a whole week in August. It's longer, better and cheaper... What more could you ask for?
Mo, Bedford

If, as it appears, Kylie is to headline on the Sunday then I am rather disappointed. She has a place in the festival and would be well worth seeing both for her musical and other attributes. But headliners should be performers who are a bit special, people you are almost in awe of. I wonder if the festival is going to move away from its rock roots in later years?
Ali Burns, Great Totham, Essex

I have heard plenty of people whining about the line up, I'm fed up of telling them that the line up at Glastonbury doesn't matter. There is far more to do there than sit and watch and Indie bands!! Having said that, Coldplay are a stunning live band. Bring on Glasto, the best place in the world!
Barnaby Cringle, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England

It seems to be drawing much more from the current music scene than previous line-ups, which is no bad thing in my opinion given the richness of talent in the current musical landscape. Coldplay should be an obvious highlight, a strong performance from them might secure them as the greatest band of this generation.
Mark Muldoon, Manchester, UK

It's a bumper year for Glastonbury bands, I think - the spread seems even wider than usual, and I would defy *anyone* who likes music at all to be unable to find at least 4 or 5 bands that they've heard of and would like to see at Glastonbury over the weekend. And, hell, if you can only find 4 or 5 familiar bands to see then check out some of the ones that are unfamiliar. What's the worst that could happen? Everyone who's been to Glastonbury before knows that you could easily go the whole weekend at the festival without deliberately seeing a single band and there'd STILL be much more to do than you could possibly fit into a weekend, so you're a winner whichever way you look at it - the only way you can lose is if you don't go!
StuPC, London, UK

What a great line-up, lots of upcoming bands, in years to come we can say we were there! How can anyone say no legends!?! Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, and Van Morrison!!! Looking forward to The Earlies, Kasabian, and Razorlight too!
Mike, London

The smaller stages are full of talent. The Backbeat Beatles (after last year's Macca extravaganza) will be something to see. Not fussed about the headliners - but then again, I never am. Glastonbury's not about the music - it's about the fun and discovering something new. I'm going to Reading too - which is all about the music this year: an awesome line-up. But, in terms of atmosphere, is Reading as good as Glasto? No chance.
Ash, London, UK

Best line-up I've seen in years! Particularly looking forward to a right Cockney knees-up around the old joanna with Chas'n'Dave. Rabbit Rabbit!
Stalker, Bournemouth

Knew I should have bought tickets for Reading instead.
Dan, London

Once again looking at the Glastonbury line-up I know I am going to a better festival in the town of Reading. Chas'n'Dave or the Foo Fighters?Ummmmm!
Martin Costello, Swindon

Very poor line up this year. White Stripes headlining??? Please! Where are the legends? The Stones, McCartney and U2? Also a huge let-down on the Reggae front. Considering there's no festival next year, I would have thought Eavis might have pulled it out of the bag! Never mind. Sunshine, cider and happy people is all that's needed at Glastonbury. Bring on the summer!
Steve, Bristol

Coldplay?!! Please tell me this is some kind of joke.
Damon, London

I'm rather disappointed. It's not like Coldplay and Kylie are big news and The White Stripes did the festivals last year, so it's not so new that they're playing Glasto. I'm glad I saved my pennies for the Leeds. It's the only way forward!
Hannah, Manchester

That's a fantastic line-up. I'm glad U2 aren't there - like Radiohead, they bring legions of their own obsessed fans who don't care for watching anything else or getting involved in the spirit of things. This list isn't complete is it? In which case Jack Johnson would be a nice addition.
Sean Keeney, Cheltenham

An excellent line-up for what I'm sure will be an excellent Glastonbury Festival! Coldplay are always good, but I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Tori Amos. Nice to see James playing again too!
Dominic Tristram, Bath

I didn't bother to even try and get tickets this year as I was unimpressed with most of the suggested line-up. There a few bands like Kasabian, Bloc Party, Coldplay and The Bravery I would like to see, but Kylie heading a Glastonbury line up? Who's headlining 2007? Britney? To be honest it's not just Glastonbury which has a disappointing line-up, I think most of the festivals do this year.
Paula, Bolton

As always, Glastonbury has an extremely boring and safe line-up. It seems Michael Eavis is scared of taking risks. He should stop booking a line-up comprising nearly totally of boring indie bands and add some visceral hip hop and metal such as Public Enemy and Slipknot
Mike, Coventry

Coldplay and Van Morrison, what a treat!
Chris Laas, Southampton

Very average line-up. No Wedding Present on the John Peel Stage is a crime, as is the distinct lack of punk bands as per usual. I'm returning my ticket as this festival has lost its way. Perhaps the main stages should all be renamed the NME Stages...
Mohican Man, Bristol

I am over the moon that Coldplay will be headlining this years festival. They put on a great performance in 2002 when they headlined then. I am not so keen on Kylie Minogue - I'm not sure she fits in with the whole event.
Rob Weaver, Merseyside

Pretty disappointing. Coldplay? Thank goodness I did not have time to get any tickets.
Jon Choo, London

I can't wait. I'm going to Reading and Glasto to celebrate 10 years of attending festivals. One thing I would always miss if I ever left the country would be the festival calendar. Long Live festivals!
Ben Shepherd, Surrey

It doesn't matter who plays, Glastonbury will always be the best festival in the world.
Dane, Sunderland

Disappointing! I'm glad I've got tickets for the V Festival.
Lucy, London


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