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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 17:42 GMT
Mobile film-makers get own Emmys
Image of Sony's PlayStation Portable device
The PSP is billed as a multimedia entertainment device
The Daytime Emmy Award organisers are to honour the creators of films for phones, computers, and devices like the video iPod and PlayStation Portable.

The US National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences said its new category is a recognition that such content is becoming increasingly popular.

Shows that have already been broadcast would not be eligible but specially created spin-offs could qualify.

The Academy said the medium is also inspiring a new breed of film-makers.

"What we are seeing is a burgeoning in this type of programme making," Peter Price, president of the academy told the BBC News website.

"It will be very interesting to see who the developers of content turn out to be and how the newcomers vie in quality with the efforts of the traditional media."

24 on mobiles

The new award categories recognise "outstanding achievement in content for non-traditional delivery platforms" of less than 20 minutes in length.

The material has to be originally conceived and created
Peter Price, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

"Producers won't just be able to take 10 minutes from a soap opera and say 'Here's your programme'," Mr Price said.

"The material has to be originally conceived and created."

Apple has recently struck a deal with ABC and Disney to offer legal downloads in the US of TV hits like Lost and Desperate Housewives for the Video iPod but the firm is also planning to offer unique animation content from Pixar.

News Corporation are putting out a mobile phone-only version of the TV show 24 and a number of other firms such as MTV are also developing their own content.

'Novelty at best'

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is one of the most high profile organisations to introduce awards covering the area.

The Sports Emmy Awards will be the first to accept nominations in the category next year.

It will eventually take in all the Academy's award ceremonies, including those honouring news and daytime television.

The Daytime Emmys are separate from the prime-time Emmy Awards, which are run by an associated organisation.

The announcement comes after a report from consultants Deloitte suggested normal television on mobile phones is likely to be a "novelty at best" unless it is customised.

In Digital Convergence: the Trillion Dollar Challenge, Deloitte said some handset manufacturers, operators and content owners were "focusing on achieving engineering excellence at the expense of commercial common sense".

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