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Lord Lichfield subjects' memories
Lord Lichfield
Lord Lichfield's photographic career spanned 40 years
Tributes have been paid to celebrity photographer Lord Lichfield by some of the stars who posed for his pictures.

Actress Britt Ekland said he was "a wonderful photographer" while author Lady Antonia Fraser said his death, aged 66, was "terribly sad news".

Writer Jilly Cooper, who worked with Lichfield on a 1985 book, said he had the "ability to pick out something in people" to make them look "wonderful".

Director Michael Winner called him "the most gentle and amusing human being".

Pop singer Rachel Stevens, who was only recently photographed by Lord Lichfield, said she was "extremely sad".

"He was a charming, charismatic, professional man who had a great sense of fun and lots of fascinating stories to tell.

"It was an honour to have been photographed by such a talented man."

Violinist Vanessa-Mae said she had "lovely memories" of being photographed by him in 1999.

"It saddens me that he died so suddenly," she said.

Winner said the photographer, who was a digital camera enthusiast, admitted to "stretching" the people in his photographs on the computer "so they looked a little bit thinner".

High regard

"He said: 'It makes them happier'," said Winner, who was photographed by him for an exhibition in support of the Scoliosis Association, of which Lichfield was patron.

"It's a terrible loss because he was unique as an individual.

Lord Lichfield in Casualty
Lord Lichfield appeared in a 2003 episode of BBC drama Casualty

"Every time you met him, you felt happier. There's very few people like that in the world.

"He was so charming and very bright and sharp."

Actress Ekland, who posed for a shoot in 1970, said: "I am deeply shocked and surprised by his death.

"Lord Lichfield was a wonderful photographer."

Writer Lady Antonia said: "What I remember most is that he made the sitting such fun. It was so enjoyable because he had such high spirits."

Novelist Cooper worked with Lichfield on the book Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point - which looked at the making of the Unipart calendar, which features naked models.

She said: "He was charming and very kind to the models.

"He had an ability to pick out something in people, including those who are non-beauties, and make us look wonderful but I think he also wanted to be regarded as a serious photographer."

Singer Marsha Hunt, who posed naked with a giant afro for a famous Lichfield photograph in the 60s, also paid tribute to him.

"He was very adventurous about what he did and he had a great joy about living," she told Sky News.

"I cannot believe he is not here and, of course, he will always be here because his images will continue to be representing him."

Portrait lessons from Lord Lichfield
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