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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2005, 11:11 GMT
US channels unveil 'on-demand' TV
Internet downloads are popular for on-demand services
US networks NBC and CBS are to sell some of their prime-time shows for 99 cents (57p) each to satellite viewers.

They will offer the shows to US viewers with DirecTV Plus recorders - a similar system to the UK's Sky +, which is offered to Sky Digital users.

Shows on offer will include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

It follows rival ABC's decision to sell episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives via the internet.

ABC's shows are available on via Apple's iTunes for $1.99.

TV on-demand services have been commonplace in the US through cable TV for some years.

But the NBC and CBS ventures are the first to give viewers access to several prime-time broadcasts on a next-day basis through their television sets.

NBC Universal Television Group president Jeff Zucker said: "It provides more exposure to the shows and gives the viewer the ability to watch the episodes on their own timetable."

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