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Grace Jones denies train fracas
Grace Jones
Grace Jones said she did not want to travel in a crowded coach
Actress Grace Jones has denied attacking a Eurostar train manager in an argument over a ticket upgrade.

Eurostar accused the singer and star of Bond film A View to a Kill of grabbing the manager's arm and verbally abusing her in the row on Tuesday.

But the star's manager said there were "words" between the pair but "definitely no physical confrontation".

Eurostar said Jones was thrown off the Paris to London train at Ashford, Kent. Jones said she asked to be let off.

She left the train after British Transport Police were called and the service was delayed for 15 minutes.

Ms Jones was extremely badly treated last night by an overzealous Eurostar employee
Grace Jones statement
Eurostar said the row erupted because Jones, 56, had a first class ticket but refused to pay extra after sitting in the premium area.

'Frequent passenger'

A statement from the performer said: "Ms Jones was extremely badly treated last night by an overzealous Eurostar employee after she was asked to leave the VIP section of the train."

It said she was "a frequent Eurostar VIP/first class passenger" but was issued with a ticket in Paris that was "incomplete with no price".

"The train manager refused to honour her first class ticket or accept additional payment on the train and insisted that Ms Jones leave the empty VIP section," it continued.

"Ms Jones, rather that travel in a crowded coach, asked to be let off the train at the first available stop."

She said she had no money and refused to move from the carriage
Paul Charles
It added that she was "very thankful to the British Transport Police for the professional and courteous manner in which they handled the situation".

Eurostar communications director Paul Charles had earlier said the train manager told Jones she would have to pay for an upgrade for a premium ticket.

"She said she had no money and refused to move from the carriage," he said.

"Passengers told us that she was arguing and verbally abusing the train manager. She then attacked the manager, grabbing her arm."


A first-class return ticket would have cost about 300, he said, with a premium upgrade an extra 70.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "Ms Jones was challenged over her ticket and asked to pay an excess charge.

"She refused to pay and officers were called. She left the train at their request. No further action is being taken."

Jones famously attacked chat show host Russell Harty on live TV in 1980.


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