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Last Updated: Friday, 4 November 2005, 15:30 GMT
Mixed reviews for Bush comeback
The double album Aerial is released in the UK on Monday
Aerial, Kate Bush's first album for 12 years, has received a mixture of rave reviews and qualified praise from the national press.

"Aerial is literally incomparable," wrote Alexis Patridis in his five-star review in the Guardian. "It is filled with things only Kate Bush would do."

"Kate Bush's absence has helped bring everything that makes her so special into sharper focus," said the Mirror.

The Mail, however, called it "fitfully brilliant but mostly baffling".

Aerial, said Adrian Thrills, "confirms her position as one of music's true mavericks".

However, he continues, "its more indulgent moments also suggest that the woman who gave us Wuthering Heights in 1978 is now a long way off the pulse of modern pop".

'Strong and radiant'

Petridis, however, suggests that it is precisely Bush's indulgences that make her remarkable.

"Daring to walk the line between the sublime and the demented is the point of Kate Bush's oeuvre.

Kate Bush, 1979
Bush, pictured here in 1979, has not released a record since 1993
"On Aerial she achieves far, far more of the former than the latter."

"That voice - still strong and radiant, soaring and swooping unlike any other - melts the heart," said the Daily Mirror's Gavin Martin.

The Mail's Thrills suggested her lyrics "often sound like the work of someone who needs to get out a bit more".

The BBC News website's Darren Waters gave Aerial a partial thumbs-up a week ago.

"All of the songs have a swirling, almost uncontrolled creativity as if Bush has had these songs bottled up for more than a decade," he wrote.

"Aerial stands alongside The Hounds of Love and The Kick Inside as her finest work."

But he added: "The strangest song on the whole album is Mrs Bartolozzi, a plaintive wail seemingly about domestic chores."

"'Washing machine, washing machine, washing machine,' she cries. Listening to this, I felt like I was trapped inside the washing machine on the spin cycle."

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