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Bragg cancer mother song on sale
Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg wrote the music to Maxine Edgington's song
Song lyrics written by a single mother living with cancer, with music performed and composed by Billy Bragg has gone on sale in the UK.

Maxine Edgington performed and wrote We Laughed, to celebrate her close relationship with daughter Jessica, 16.

Bragg put her lyrics to music as part of a workshop at the hospice in Dorset where she is being treated.

He said: "This was how she (Maxine) wanted to be remembered." The single is released on Cooking Vinyl records.

Initially 'sceptical'

Its release follows a Culture Online project, part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, designed to provide a voice to people with long-term and terminal illness.

Maxine took part in the Rosetta Requiem project, which involved teaming established songwriters and filmmakers up with hospice users so that they could create songs and short films.

The song was inspired by a photographs taken of Ms Edgington and Jessica, one of which appears on the record's cover. It was recorded at a Weymouth studio in July.

Ms Edgington, who has been having chemotherapy treatment for the illness, wrote on the Rosetta Life website that initially she had been "sceptical" about how songwriting could help.

Profits from the song's sale will go to the hospice, Joseph Weld and Trimar Hospice and Cancer Care Dorset.

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