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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 09:11 GMT
Mozart concert 'soothes' inmates
Image of Mozart
Mozart's music is part of a series of prison concerts
Some 60 prisoners in a French jail have been played the music of Mozart, as part of a series of jailhouse concerts.

"Music, particularly the kind we heard here, really does soothe the savage beast," said one prisoner.

Two of the composer's works were played by the 35-piece symphony orchestra of Saint-Etienne, in the prison workshop.

Conductor Laurent Campellone hoped there will be more concerts to come at La Talaudiere prison where inmates are already taking guitar lessons.

Soothing music

After the concert prisoners mingled with musicians. Campellone, 33, has led prison orchestras in Germany and Italy.

One of the prisoners said the music made a very pleasant change to prison life.

"What is really hard here, above all when you first arrive, is the noise," he said.

Campellone said he hoped that in addition to the guitar lessons, the jail's 400 prisoners will also be able to enjoy lesson in flute, oboe, saxophone and percussion too.

The concert included two of the Austrian composer's symphonies and a march.

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