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Pryor's daughter tells his story
Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor starred in 40 films
The daughter of US comedian and actor Richard Pryor is starring in a show based on her father's life.

Rain Pryor will give a glimpse into the celebrity lifestyle she witnessed when visiting the star.

The 64-year-old appeared in numerous films, including Brewster's Millions, The Wiz and Lady Sings The Blues, and was a renowned stand-up comic.

Pryor has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis since 1986, and was forced to quit his career in comedy.

His daughter's show, called Fried Chicken and Latkes, discusses seeing prostitutes and drug use at her father's mansion, and explores her mixed black and Jewish heritage.


Her mother was an apsiring go-go dancer and actress when she met Pryor in the late 1960s, and the couple were briefly married.

Rain Pryor acts out characters in the show, including her father, but said she has no intention of following in his footsteps.

"I decided I'm going to fill my own shoes. I'm not going to do his comedy," she told the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, in the city where her show is running.

"My dad has always been one to put his life right out there for you to look at. I took that approach because I saw how well audiences respond to it. I try to make you laugh at life," she added.

Richard Pryor had a comedy award named after him at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It was designed to attract more comic performers from ethnic minority backgrounds.

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