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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 12:40 GMT 13:40 UK
Average music spending '21,000'
The figures include music magazines as well as CDs
The average person spends around 21,000 on music during their lives, research has suggested.

The figure includes the amount spent on equipment and concert-going as well as music on CDs and records.

Music enthusiasts are likely to spend more than double that, parting with just over 44,000 in a lifetime, according to insurer Prudential.

The survey, carried out for the company by TNS, involved 1,188 people quizzed during September.

Nightclubs popular

The average person owns 891-worth of equipment to play music on and spends around 425 each year on CDs, gigs and magazines.

Seven out of 10 people go to a musical event every year, with nightclubs most popular among the under-34s, while people aged over 55 prefer concerts and musicals.

Some 50% of those questioned, claimed they did not spend money on music, yet still managed to splash out 250 a year.

Prudential director of marketing Roger Ramsden said: "Most people would describe themselves as a music fan of some sort or another, but what is really amazing is just how much money people find themselves spending on it."

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