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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 October 2005, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK
New head for BBC News Interactive
Mr Clifton's responsibilities include the BBC News website
Mr Clifton's responsibilities include the BBC News website
Pete Clifton has taken over as head of BBC News Interactive, which publishes the BBC News website and the Ceefax teletext service.

Mr Clifton was formerly editor of the department, which also produces interactive TV news and content for the BBC's digital text services.

It also produces the CBBC Newsround website, news for mobile devices, and syndicates content to other websites.

He replaces Richard Deverell, who is now chief operating officer at CBBC.

"Interactive plays a central role in ensuring BBC News is ready for the digital, on-demand world, delivering news to people when they want it and how they want it," Mr Clifton said of his appointment.

'Build on success'

"We need to build on the success of Europe's biggest news site and will be looking more closely at the personalisation of news and promotion of video on demand.

"Interactive is the driving force behind better use of user-generated content and the expertise we have will give us a central role to how these services are used across BBC News in the future."

He added: "It is, without question, the best place to work in the BBC with the best people."

The department was founded in 1997 when it launched the BBC News website, which attracts more than 350 million page impressions a month and reaches more than a quarter of UK internet users.

In recent months Mr Clifton has become a familiar name to many of the site's users thanks to his From The Editor's Desktop column, which has seen him discuss the issues behind putting the service together and deal with feedback from readers.

Developed in the 1970s, Ceefax reaches more than 40% of the population, with the service now being superseded by digital TV text services.

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