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Last Updated: Monday, 17 October 2005, 07:24 GMT 08:24 UK
Domino returns to storm-hit home
Fats Domino
Fats Domino is due to play in concert next month
Blues legend Fats Domino, who went missing after Hurricane Katrina, has returned home to New Orleans to collect some of his belongings.

The 77-year-old musician picked up some gold records and jewellery from his properties on Saturday.

He paused to read some of the tributes left by fans who thought he had died in the storm which hit on 29 August.

"There was a big 'Rest in Peace' on my balcony on the other house. I'm still here, thank God," he said.


He added: "I sure do appreciate that people think so much about me."

Domino was rescued from his home on the day the hurricane hit, but his whereabouts remained unclear for four days, sparking fears for his safety.

He was one of a handful of residents sifting through their homes and destroyed belongings in New Orleans' lower Ninth Ward on Saturday afternoon.

Domino's son-in-law, Charles Brimmer, helped the musician load mementos from his career into the car.

Only three of his 21 gold records - for Rose Mary, I'm Walkin', and Blue Monday - were found, Domino said.


Brimmer and Domino also recovered some jewellery, including a gold ring, but a picture of Domino with Elvis was "too messed up" to salvage.

Two of his pianos in a bigger, adjoining house were ruined, he added.

The singer and pianist, whose real name is Antoine Domino, has sold more than 110m records, including Blueberry Hill and Ain't That A Shame.

He had nearly 20 US Top 20 singles between 1955 and 1960.

Among the last of them was Walking to New Orleans, a Bobby Charles composition which became a string-laden tribute to the city that inspired him.



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