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Last Updated: Friday, 14 October 2005, 19:08 GMT 20:08 UK
Latest Bond 'not shaken' by media
By David Sillito
BBC News arts correspondent

So, Daniel Craig, who would be a better Bond girl, Kate Moss or Sienna Miller?

Daniel Craig and marine
Daniel Craig celebrated becoming Bond with a martini

First question, first stonewall answer and first taste of life as the new Bond.

Daniel Craig has gone from being a brooding Ted Hughes in Sylvia and psychopathic son in Road to Perdition to trying to look heroic in a life jacket flanked by Marines bobbing out on the Thames.

And why was he bobbing about? Well, 007 can't come to a media conference on a bus. So they put him on a small boat in a rather chic blue life jacket and dark glasses.

It was supposed to look glamorous but London's unforgiving grey skies and even greyer water made it all look just a bit uncomfortable.

'Have you practised the famous lines?' 'I might have'
Daniel Craig responds to media

And he admitted he was a bit scared out there but that was nothing to meeting the media.

Waiting for the press conference to begin there was a small huddle of reporters discussing how to broach the topic of his love life, and his relationship with the tabloid press's current infernal trio of celebrity gossip, Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

If you are a man keen to keep your private life private then riding up the Thames in dark glasses and taking on one of the most famous roles in movie history is not the best way of staying out of the spotlight.

And the problem for the media conference was that there wasn't a lot to say about the film or the new Bond. We already knew it was going to be darker and grittier, and that it was going to be based on the original Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale.

The hard questions

Daniel Craig had only been told that he'd got the part on the Monday and once we knew he'd got the role there wasn't a great deal else to say. But everyone tried.

Kate Moss
Craig has been romantically linked to supermodel Kate Moss

"Daniel, are you going to stay blond?" "I think so. It's not been decided."

"Have you practised the famous lines?" "I might have."

"Is it going to be much darker?" "We have to wait and see. We haven't started filming yet."

You could see the journalists wondering if another foray in to Kate and Sienna territory would bring a bit more drama.

However, it was quickly brought to a close before there were any more attempts on breaching his celebrity defences. In the end the news that he had had a martini to celebrate was about as good as it got.

Reinventing Bond

And what about his prospects? Well, the superstitious might look at how each successful Bond has been followed by one who's been thought to have been not quite so fabulous.

But Daniel Craig is a good actor, and using the Casino Royale story means this is a chance to go back to the beginning and reinvent Bond.

Perhaps it's time to forget Sean Connery and Ursula Andress emerging from the surf.

And it's got to be better than the original Casino Royale with David Niven and Woody Allen, hasn't it?

Hear how the first blonde Bond wants to handle his role


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