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Last Updated: Saturday, 12 March, 2005, 12:47 GMT
Notorious BIG murder case closed
Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG's last album, Born Again, was released in 1999
The FBI has closed its investigation into the murder of rapper Notorious BIG, who was shot dead in 1997.

The FBI had been looking into a theory that a rogue police officer was involved, but has decided there is not enough evidence for a prosecution.

Notorious BIG, also known as Biggie Smalls, was killed six months after his rival Tupac Shakur.

There have been reports that the murders were part of a US rap feud, but both remain unsolved.

Notorious BIG, real name Christopher Wallace, was regarded as one of rap's brightest stars, with gritty lyrics about street life, when he burst onto the scene in 1994.

'Covered up'

The FBI spent 18 months working on a theory that the rogue officer was part of a murder plot.

A witness placed him at the scene hours before the shooting and investigators said he owned a car matching the description of one seen speeding away. But other evidence did not support the theory, they said.

The rapper's mother is now suing the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly covering up police involvement in her son's death.

Voletta Wallace's legal action, seeking unspecified damages, is due to reach court in Los Angeles on 12 April.

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