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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 15:58 GMT
Oscar win 'boosts Baby takings'
Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby won four Oscars
Million Dollar Baby's success at this year's Oscars has boosted its box office earnings, according to a report.

It has made $10m (5.2m) outside the US since winning the Academy Award for best picture last month, industry publication Screen Daily has reported.

The boxing drama also won best director for Clint Eastwood, best actress for Hilary Swank and best supporting actor for Morgan Freeman at the Oscars.

It has now taken more than $112m (58m) around the world since January.

"It's interesting because this is a relatively small film," Rob Burke of production company Lakeshore Entertainment told Screen Daily.

Award buzz

"We think this one has the potential to play out for months."

The UK saw the biggest post-Oscars rise, with ticket takings up 420% and its screen count increased from 84 to 246, according to Screen Daily.

It has also proved particularly popular in Greece, Spain and Portugal, where it topped box office charts.

The post-Oscars buzz has led the production company to increase the number of prints available in many countries.

Producers are also taking the gamble of high-profile releases in South Korea and Japan, notoriously difficult markets for Hollywood films, Screen Daily said.


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