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Tommy Vance: Your tributes
Tommy Vance

Thank you for your tributes to Tommy Vance. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

I was saddened to hear the news about Tommy. As a teenage metal fan growing up in the hills of Scotland, he was pretty much my only source of discovering new artists. Later on working as a studio technician at MTV/VH-1, I was lucky enough to have worked with one of my childhood heroes. R.I.P. Tommy, ROCK ON!
Robbie Barbour, Gillingham, Kent

I think of Tommy Vance and I think of the Friday Rock Show in the 80's with my tape recorder at the ready! The AC/DC Xmas 81 special was the highlight for me, but there were many other shows/ sessions that I enjoyed over the years. (Coverage of Def Leppard, Marillion and Rose Tattoo to name a few) RIP Tommy, you will be sadly missed.
Gary, Perth, Australia (formerly of Manchester)

I could not believe the sad news about the death of Tommy Vance. He was THE radio VOICE!! I live in Germany and always listened to his shows on BFBS Radio. He presented the BFBS UK show, the UK Top 40 and also a soul music show called The Soul Bowl. For me a part of my youth has died. RIP Tommy, my thoughts are with your family and relatives.
Jochen Libertus, Soest, Germany

He had the best voice on British radio ever!
Todd Slaughter, Leicester
I first met Tommy on board the Mi Amego in 1966. I had gone out to Caroline to take some pictures and meet the DJs. We kept in touch for years after, I guested on one of his early Radio One programmes, and he attended some of my events. I was intoxicated with his voice, because after all it was "The Best A Man Could Get" - in fact he had the best voice on British radio ever!
Todd Slaughter, Leicester

I remember listening to Tommy Vance on Radio Caroline back in the 1960's with his slogan "This is TV on radio". For anyone to be playing music on the radio 40 years on is an achievement, but to still be at the top of his profession denotes a remarkable dedication. He will be missed by many.
Andy Cadier, Folkestone, Kent

I was deeply saddened to hear the news that Tommy Vance had passed away. As a young guitarist of 16, I was and still am a great fan of Bon Jovi. On hearing an awesome interview that he did with Richie Sambora, I felt compelled to write to Tommy and tell him how much I had enjoyed it and would also love the chance to one day play with Bon Jovi. To my great surprise I received a call at home from Tommy, inviting me as his special guest to go and see the band play a small private gig at the Astoria. He was an absolute star who made a 16 year old's dreams come true. I'm now a 30 year old professional guitarist and will always hold fond memories of someone who took the time out of his busy schedule to make my day. Thank you, you'll be sadly missed.
Tara Simms, Leicestershire, UK

Radio will be a poorer place without Tommy
Paul D, Doncaster
Without Tommy I would almost certainly not have been playing rock guitar for over 25 years, and now recording a new generation of artists brought up on TV on the Radio. Radio will be a poorer place without Tommy, but the afterlife will be a lot louder!
Paul D, Doncaster

Where do I start? Listening to the pre-release of 'Turbo' on a dodgy radio in a tent in rainy Wales the night Fish left Marillion, the Friday Night Connection, 'Rock Wars', Radio 1 covering Donington live...for the whole day!. All fond memories of my Friday nights as a teen listening to Tommy Vance on the radio. You will be sadly missed and fondly remembered big guy - I'm with Bon: 'Ride On' and RIP
Tony Martin, London, UK

Tommy was instrumental in getting our band "Xero" a slot on "the Friday Rock Show" in the early 80s, and he liked us so much he repeated it! And he gave us a big boost being on Radio One prime time Friday night with a big listening audience. Also from that we got lots of prestige gigs (and an album with MCA/EMI). He was a lovely bloke and it was after his pal Vince Edwards (ATV music) put a kind word in to give us a listen he took a real interest in the band. Tommy's voice and presentation was the real deal. He loved the music in a genuine way (not like so many of the phonies you've now got "jocking"), and was a true encyclopaedia of facts and stats, but never in a boring way. And that intro music! Wow, Steve Morse and Dixie Dregs, absolutely set the tone for the whole show. R.I.P Tommy my son
Barry Fitzgerald, London

A really nice bloke, and what a voice
Paul Wiltshire, London, UK
I met Tommy a few years ago, he rented a flat in the west end from me, and we stayed in touch thereafter as we were both looking at buying property in Spain. A really nice bloke, and what a voice. I will never forget watching him trying to get his Pontiac out of a garage with about a cm either side, fag in mouth, white T-shirt and leather on, R.I.P Tommy
Paul Wiltshire, London, UK

How can I forget the voice which I used to listen to every Sunday afternoon, introducing the top chart hits? I am no longer a university student, old, and working in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert, yet Tommy Vance's words still relate to my favourite tunes. My precious youth is now a past memory. God bless you Tommy Vance.
Suhaib Ahmed, UK

I was always particularly impressed by Tommy during the time that he presented the Radio 1 chart around 1982. He really flew the flag for all styles of music - not just rock. As if to underline this, he used to finish each show with his final thought: "ain't music great". A sad loss. Now I present a radio show on Aberdeen's Northsound 2 and I continue to use his informative style as my inspiration.
Martin Ingram, Aberdeen

Spin some discs up there with Peely
Gazza, Chepstow, Wales
How can you forget, waiting in anticipation ready for the start of another Friday Rock Show, all geared up ready to press play and record. As well as the fab bands, don't forget the legendary Jingles! Spin some discs up there with Peely. Peace be with you Tommy
Gazza, Chepstow, Wales

Sleep easy friend, one of the best DJs radio ever had
Trevor, Wrexham

I remember hearing Motley Crue's Dr Feelgood for the first time on Tommy's Friday Rock Show and I haven't looked back since! The musicians he interviewed often seemed more star-struck than him, which gives some indication of the esteem in which he was held. A sad loss to rock 'n' roll.
Rich, Reading, Berks

I remember listening to the new Rush single 'New World Man' in my Dad's car, in the middle of France, thanks to TV's Friday night rock show. Rock on the radio in the UK just will not be the same with his passing. God Bless you Tommy. You we're part of my youth, and fondly remembered at that.
Dr Hfuhruhurr

Listening to Tommy Vance on BFBS whilst living in Germany during the 90s made the separation that bit easier to take. Thanks TV.
Peter, Salisbury, Wilts

Thank you Tommy and farewell. You will be greatly missed.
Andrew Field, Salford England

I'm just one of those thousands of thirty-somethings who spent many happy Friday nights in their bedroom with Tommy. Thanks and rest easy Tommy.
Cody Pomeray, Staffs, England

I can remember listening to the Friday Rock Show in the mid to late 80s with Tommy at the helm, when I was in my late teens. He introduced me to the Music of Ozzy Osbourne and I was hooked, it was a magical time. He did much for rock music and will be sadly missed.
Stu, UK

He was at the forefront of pushing the rock and heavy metal genre to the masses
Mike, Harrogate, England
What a sad day. I still have a recording from the Friday Rock Show of an interview with Lars from Metallica talking about the video for "One" where he promoted the band, the track and the video like a fan would. He was at the forefront of pushing the rock and heavy metal genre to the masses via the Friday Rock Show. His interviews were always done in a humble, respectful fashion with always an ear for what the fans wanted to know. I remember being at Donington in 1998 and being amongst 100,000 other friends who recorded "Rock! with Tommy Vance" for Radio One. We've missed him on the radio in recent years and even though the British music scene is strong at the moment, up until say three years ago it was dominated by dance, hip hop, RnB, etc, rather than by bands whose members could play their own instruments and play live without a backing track. My thoughts go to his family and friends, and we have lost an ambassador and a believer and a fan. Thanks for everything - a legend indeed.
Mike, Harrogate, England

Never condescending, always a warm and friendly voice. Thanks Tommy, rest in peace.
John Holland, Portsmouth, England

I remember the programme notes for Deep Purple's Knebworth 1985 show: There's only one national rock show in Britain... tucked away where the powers that be think it will do least harm". It was Tommy Vance who announced the reunion of Deep Purple on his show, and despite the fact his show was indeed tucked away he nevertheless gathered a loyal audience. The only place on national radio to air those new rock bands you were reading about in Kerrang! - Bon Jovi for one had an early live set aired on that show. My thanks to Tommy Vance, the Music Vendor, the man who played what nobody else would touch with a bargepole, loud, hard rock 'n roll! He will be much missed.
Ronnie, Liverpool, England

Thanks to Tommy for all the great years of the Friday Rock Show, especially for helping the band "Dare" and supporting us at the start, I was the drummer. You will not be forgotten.
James Ross, Chorley, England

Hard rock's saddest day, the best DJ ever to grace the airwaves, no more. Unlike the passing of a certain other over hyped DJ recently, this guy knew what good music was, and championed it. If there was no "TV on the radio" the shape of music would be 100 times worse than it is now (and millions of us would have grown up as maladjusted Limahl or Boy George fans!) Tommy you were the real deal, the one true legend of British rock, you are a god, and you have now rejoined your fellow gods upstairs. Thank you for the music, Tommy. R.I.P
Scotty, Glasgow, Scotland

I was a teenager in the 1970s who listed to BBC World Service and every pop and rock music request program they broadcast. My favourite was Pop Club hosted by Tommy Vance. I still have the recording of the song that I requested by Middle of the Road, plus another Eurovision review show he did. What priceless memories. Tommy RIP, you will be dearly missed.
Maryanne Kehoe, Atlanta, GA USA

A great loss to rock music you will be missed, R.I.P Tommy.
Jon Fane, Liverpool

If it hadn't been for Tommy Vance I would not have developed such a love of rock music
John Cameron, Chatham, UK
I'm sure I speak for so many people, when I say that if it hadn't been for Tommy Vance I would not have developed such a love of rock music. Tommy you were the very best. God Bless You.
John Cameron, Chatham, UK

Yesterday along with the rest of the rock community we heard the sad news about the death of Tommy Vance. Tom had been playing our tunes on his Virgin radio show and had started to champion the band. We thank him for his words, his advice and for the chats about music late into the night. You are a legend mate, thanks for everything. R.I.P.
Terra, London, England

Still have happy memories of going to see Rainbow at the Hammersmith Odeon for my 15th birthday in 1981 and discovering that I was sitting next to Tommy. Didn't have the guts to talk to him but enjoyed listening...!
Alec, Ware, Herts

Now that the rock gods have taken Tommy and Peely what will we do? Tommy and John were priceless gems who cannot be replaced. I'm still stunned by the news. You will be greatly missed by all your fans. God bless you Tommy.
Dennis Hanna, Sheffield

I'm so sad to read about Tommy Vance's death. I will always remember his interview with the reunited Iron Maiden in early 1999 and the happiness of the news. Rock on Tommy, wherever you are.
Daniel Abásolo, Valladolid, Spain

Fondly remembered from his "BFBS UK" show in the afternoon - Tommy will be sadly missed, a true pro.
Simon Moore, Chester, UK

Tommy and his distinctive voice will be sadly missed
Noel, Gharghur, Malta
Another great loss. I met Tommy in Malta in 1981 when he came over to inaugurate the Dewdrops Discotheque. I was a DJ on Radio Malta and he co-hosted my rock show Rockfile. We spent three great days boozing and driving around Malta. I met him again at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium in 1991. Radio 101 in Malta was relaying the concert and I was leading the broadcast team. He was still very fond of Malta. He was well known here. Tommy was a frequent visitor in the 70's when British Forces were still stationed out here. Tommy had a daily show on BFBS Malta. It was "BFBS UK" recorded in London and relayed to Malta from BFBS studios in London. He was an inspiration. Tommy and his distinctive voice will be sadly missed.
Noel, Gharghur, Malta

Very sad news. Rock music has lost one of its true champions. I grew up in England during the 80's and the Friday Rock show was a staple.
Simon Griffiths, Dallas, Texas

Tommy was all about rock music. Even when it was sometimes not cool to be into rock, he made it cool! He was also the best rock interviewer period!
Joseph Gormley, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

I've been a writer for 'Kerrang!' magazine for the last 14 years, and it has just dawned on me that without Tommy Vance the entire course of my life would have been different. It is such sad news, and only months after the equally premature loss of John Peel. Without Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show in the 80's, his knowledge and delightful enthusiasm, I would never have found the link to the wider world of rock music that I craved. Back then, you'd very occasionally see Maiden or AC/DC on Top of the Pops for about 30 seconds, and that was it. Tommy Vance provided a virtual oasis in the desert and virtually the only meaningful source of information that involved actually being able to LISTEN to rock and metal music. A great man - a shocking loss.
Steve Beebee, UK

I remember when he introduced an up and coming band from Sheffield named Def Leppard
Jeff Thomas, New York, USA
As a teenager growing up in England I never missed the Friday Night Rock show even though it meant wearing headphones for the whole broadcast due to my parents' disapproval. I remember when he introduced an up and coming band from Sheffield named Def Leppard who turned out pretty well! 25 years later, I can credit a good proportion of my entire music collection to TV. RIP Tommy.
Jeff Thomas, New York, USA

Peerless. A beacon of light has gone out in the rock world though heaven has gained a great new voice. Love and respect always.
Geoff Stacey, Bromley, Kent

Thanks for the music Tommy and the lovely reassuring voice. Sad news.
Grendel, Northland, New Zealand

Thank you for playing the music that has enhanced my life. Gone but not forgotten. TV on the radio.
Steve Winn, Kettering, Northants

Like a lot of people in the 80's, the Friday Rock Show was a source of music that you couldn't find anywhere else. Tommy brought pleasure to me in my teens and introduced me to music that I still listen to now! R.I.P Tommy.
Rob Barnett, Swinton, Manchester, England

TV on the radio - my youth in a nutshell. A legend who will be remembered long after many of the bands he loved will be forgotten. Tommy - we salute you!
Danny Monaghan, Sheffield, UK

Well, somebody up there like rock music! First John, now Tommy... Heaven will never sleep again (turn it up!). God bless.
Julie, Eastbourne, UK

Tommy was just the coolest guy on the box
Peel, Greenock
I watched the rock show on VH1 religiously as a teenager. Tommy was just the coolest guy on the box. He was truly passionate about rock and thanks to him I found many artists that I will always listen to and enjoy. R.I.P Tommy, rock on in heaven!
Peel, Greenock

So sorry to hear of Tommy's passing. I admired him for many years as a broadcaster and had the pleasure of meeting him several times. He was as thoroughly nice as he was professional, and championed many a new band. Like many of the great broadcasters he played and stuck to his tastes even when other 'trends' in the music world were going elsewhere - and over time was proved right.
Bob Nolan, London

Not only was Tommy an expert on rock music, he was a consummate professional presenting the Top 40 on Radio One in the eighties, giving a short biography and information on each song in the charts, whatever the genre. In such a short space of time, we have sadly lost two DJs who actually cared about the whole ethos of Radio One - music.
Chris, Bristol

Cue my well-worn Tommy Vance story. Bumped into him in the BBC bar one Friday back in the early 80s after looking in on Dirk Skinner's 'Round Table' and he invited me up to Broadcasting House to just sit in the corner with my gob shut while he broadcast his Friday Rock Show to the nation - what a diamond geezer! That's the only time I met him and he just came across as a real genuine, intelligent and sincere bloke. I've also very fond memories of his show on Saturday afternoons for Radio 1 which did something to balance out the misconception amongst many that Heavy Metal was the only music he was into - far from it. One of his quotes regarding music, namely " I like anything, as long as it's good" has been a mantra I've been chanting regularly over the last 25 years. Tommy, wherever you are ... rock on
Iain Stephen, Leicester, UK

Friday night was music night, rock in peace Tommy.
Bob and Sal, Chesterfield, UK

Everyone is quite rightly praising Tommy's Friday Rock Show but I remember him most for his Thursday show, Into The Music, with a softer edge. I used to tape it every week to play in my car and I was listening to the show when I drove to the hospital for the birth of my daughter, now 20. I immediately went out to buy the last record I heard before her birth which I dedicate to Tommy, called Send My Heart. God bless yer guvnor.
Stephen Green, Bolton

What can I say to you? Rock on, Tommy, wherever you are!
Nuno Carvalho, Lisbon, Portugal

A great loss I will remember his Friday Night Rock Shows (both on Radio 1 in my younger years, and more recently on VH1) for the rest of my days. To lose both John Peel & Tommy Vance within such a short time is a terrible loss.
Tim, UK

With John Peel and Now Tommy Vance gone, is there anyone left who will give non-corporate music a chance? These guys were the only DJs worth listening to in the 70s, had it not been for them the musical world would have been a much, much duller place.
Robert, Edinburgh, Scotland

God bless you Tommy, I would never miss a show, and when you moved to VH1 I was there. Keep on rockin' on the other side.
Bob, Slough, Berkshire

There's an angel throwing down the harp, picking up a guitar and blasting out a few riffs in his honour
Merv, Codsall, Staffordshire
The Friday Rock Show was an institution to many like me. I first tuned in around 1980 as a 16-year-old hooked on rock music. Tommy was the only DJ who played the bands I listened to and he also introduced me to many more who I came to love and still listen to now. Who else played unfashionable bands like Rush on national radio? I think it's fair to say that Tommy never quite received the credit he deserved, but to the legions of rock fans in the UK he will always be remembered as the voice of rock and metal on British radio. I suppose somewhere right now there's an angel throwing down the harp, picking up a guitar and blasting out a few riffs in his honour. RIP Tommy.
Merv, Codsall, Staffordshire

Fantastic Guy and a massive loss to everyone connected to rock. A sad day indeed to us all, I met Tom many years ago after coming off stage at a gig in Liverpool. I will never forget his first words to me! I came off soaking wet after a fantastic gig to see Tommy backstage, he said, " Well!! Get back out there, its not over yet is it". We were knackered and it was Tommy who pushed us back out there for another half hour. Our drummer asked half way through the set, "why are we doing more numbers" I shouted back "look who's over there!! Its Tommy Vance keep it tight". A sorry day.
Brian, Liverpool UK

One of the great radio voices. RIP.
Simon, London

I grew up listening to Tommy on the radio every Friday night (and I never did win the Friday night connection). It's no lie to say he shaped my musical tastes and launched the careers of many great musicians. The best tribute would be to make sure his memorial is made of hard rock, just like the stuff that was his lifeblood. Wherever you are now, I hope they're playing it loud!
Dave Alexander, Towcester, England

The Friday Rock Show, was an integral part in my, and other peoples' lives, as was Tommy. He steered me on the right path, to fantastic music. I am the person I am today because of Tommy Vance....rest in peace mate...you will be remembered.
Michael Hunter, South Shields

Tommy will be sadly missed. Many years ago he sent a letter of encouragement in response to a demo tape we sent him, it gave us a real morale boost. The Friday Rock Show was always on in the car, at home, wherever we were and introduced many of us to bands we would otherwise have never heard of. Tommy, wherever you are, have a ball.
Mark Shepherdson, Leeds, UK

Good bless Tommy, you were the 'The Spirit of Radio'
Paul, Dublin

The very definition of a voice made for radio. For that reason alone in many ways as distinctive a radio personality as John Peel.
Tom Kiehl, London, UK

Tommy was rock. He was the voice of British rock for years. His appearances at Donington and on the Friday night Rock show were what made rock music what it is in Britain. He will be missed.
Wallsy, Glasgow

RIP Tommy - thanks for the great radio shows and giving Marillion their first radio break. You will be remembered with great respect and affection at their convention this weekend.
Rob, Herts

RIP Tommy, rock fans around the world salute you!
Matt, Newcastle upon Tyne

A sad loss. We will never see his like again and that is an even more tragic loss for music. RIP Tommy
Gary Davies, Maldon, England

Rock on Tommy!
Al, Edinburgh, UK

The Friday Rock Show gave us so much inspiration and made the music of many new bands available to us. Thanks for everything Tommy - you will be sadly missed.
Vance Withers, Gloucester, England

The Friday Rock Show was one big reason rock survived disco and punk during the late 70s and led the way with the NWOBHM! Maiden, Saxon and Motorhead played it loud and that's how Tommy liked it! A sad loss to the rock scene.
Steve Fallows, Camberley, Surrey

Quite simply the reason I fell in love with rock music...rock on, Tommy!
Paul Harrison, Manchester, UK

Very saddened to hear the news of Tommy's death. His broadcasts for BFBS in the 80s brought a little bit of home to those of us serving in HM Forces abroad. A really nice bloke and it's a sad day for British broadcasting. My condolences to his family and friends.
Mark Jones, Chesterfield, UK

Thank you for the music, Tommy
Colin, Århus, Denmark
Ah, those long Friday evenings listening to The Friday Rock Show with my first girlfriend ... Thank you for the music, Tommy.
Colin, Århus, Denmark

A sad loss to all who ever pulled on a concert T-Shirt and head-banged till their head hurt. Will play AC/DC very loudly all way home in tribute. Cheers Tommy, thanks for the soundtrack to my youth.
Martin Heavey, Doncaster, England

First Peelie, now Tommy Vance on the radio both within 6 months. The Friday Rock Show was the first radio show I really listened to as a spotty 16-year-old and I also heard his last show at 41 on Friday. Back in the early 80s I remember the good music he played, the Friday Night Connection, the Now we are 1,2,3, etc specials, Reading Rock and even the last song followed by the pips at midnight followed by the news. That famous voice may have gone but he will never be forgotten. RIP...T.V.
David Cochrane, Brentwood, Essex

Tommy was rock!
Jonny, Watford, Herts

A huge loss indeed. Like a great many people of my age (35), my first introduction to rock in the 1980s was via Tommy Vance and the Friday Rock Show, which changed my outlook on music forever. A tragic loss.
Steve Mott, Southampton, England

Tommy was like the 'Music Father' of my adolescent years
Nick Smith, Northampton
Tommy was like the 'Music Father' of my adolescent years, after listening to the Top 40 show religiously, and of course The Friday Rock Show under my bedclothes! I will miss him tremendously. My condolences to his family.
Nick Smith, Northampton

His death is made more poignant coming in the same week that Judas Priest - a band he championed on his Friday Rock Show - released their new album after their original line-up reunited. I used to listen to his show religiously and then go to Bury the following day to find the groups he had played. He may not have been as cool as John Peel but his death is just as big a loss.
Mike Cohen, Manchester, UK

Friday night, 9pm, "For those about to rock.....We salute you", enough said....
Si, Manchester

A great man who will be sadly missed. Rock on Tommy!
Simon Edmunds, London, UK

There'll be no more Tommy Vance on the radio. A sad day. A great DJ whose enthusiasm for his music shone through. I haven't felt this bad since John Peel started playing records upstairs.
Jules, London

I have listened to Tommy Vance for more years than I care to remember, but it was only recently that I started watching Dumber and Dumber. Hilarious; mainly due to Tommy's caustic remarks about the hapless "stars" of the show. I used to sit and watch, helpless, as one abrasive remark after another had me in stitches. What a pity he's gone. 63 is so young nowadays. RIP.
Julian Corner, Whitby, England

The Friday Rock Show was the only place to hear 'my music'. Although my tastes broadened as I got older I still smile when I think back to those teenage years. Tommy Vance was the only DJ to play the music I liked back in the 80s and I will never forget him for that.

Tommy, you will always rock on!
Hugo Tax, Lisbon, Portugal

Hearing his voice on a Friday night on the radio opened a whole new chapter of my life
Rock chick, UK
Such sad news - Tommy introduced me to rock when I was about 15-years-old, and hearing his voice on a Friday night on the radio opened a whole new chapter of my life, for which I am eternally grateful, and it's one which will stay with me forever. His unmistakable voice and extensive knowledge will be sorely missed. No doubt he'll be rocking on somewhere. RIP Tommy
Rock chick, UK

I can't believe this! Tommy was rock and metal's very own John Peel, a legend and true fan of the scene. I mainly grew up with him when he had his VH1 Friday night rock show. He was highly regarded and respected amongst the musicians and fans and this is a sad loss. I'll raise a glass to the man tonight. RIP Tommy - keep heaven rocking!
Jonny Parr, Glasgow

Along with John Peel, Tommy Vance was the voice of alternative music, introducing and encouraging new bands. No one else could have persuaded a generation of rockers to stay in on Friday night! Rock on Tommy.
Pete, Lincoln, UK

Gone to join the great gig in the sky, life will never be the same.
Brando, Scotland

From the early 80s, when as a 12 year-old I discovered Rock, every Friday night was spent in front of the Radio listening to Tommy Vance. He was an important part of my youth and in my growing love of Rock Music. Losing the Friday Rock Show was a sad day but losing Tommy is heartbreaking.
Graham, Rugby

A sad day for the rock fraternity. I grew up listening to the Friday Rock Show and Tommy introduced me to many of the bands that I still listen to today. He will be greatly missed, but I hope he enjoys his new existence on the higher plane.
Luke Winn, New Malden, UK

I'm happy to have been one of those people turned on to rock music courtesy of Tommy
Paul, N. Ireland
Sad, sad news but let's celebrate his life. I'm happy to have been one of those people turned on to rock music courtesy of Tommy. Those Friday nights listening to the Rock Show - priceless, he was one in a million.
Paul, N. Ireland

The tragic loss of Tommy Vance will be felt across the whole rock spectrum. For many of us he was the seminal DJ, playing the music he and we loved regardless of how unfashionable it might have been. I was brought up listening to the Friday Rock Show in the mid 70s.
Despite the rise of disco and punk, Tommy continued to promote traditional hard rock bands. In the late 70s and early 80s TV suddenly found that our music had become fashionable and the charts were dominated by bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Def Leppard et al. Our thoughts are with Tommy, his family and friends but their loss is shared by millions. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll.
David Jones, Tamworth, Staffs

The voice of a whole generation of rock fans. "My name's Tommy Vance, I'm off down the pub, goodnight". RIP
Tony Nightingale, Watford UK

From my time in the Royal Navy during the 70s and 80s Tommy's voice was a welcoming sound on the BFBS networks, his interviews with politicians, pop stars and alike. Plus his mentions of his warming down after his recorded shows in the Red Lion in Holborn brought a sight of "home" to my months away. Like other recently departed DJs of my youth he'll be missed. Rock on.
Phil, Canterbury

A big part of my teenage years was listening in the dark to the Friday Rock Show on Radio one, through headphones, just me, Tommy Vance and fantastic music. Thank you Tommy, xx
Jenzie, Worcs

Very sad loss. Condolences to his family.
Jonathan Ellison, Nil St Vincent, Belgium

A radio show that you would never miss. The Friday Rock Show. Bringing hard rock to the masses. A man who will be sadly missed. A rock DJ who will never be replaced. A sad day for music.
Bob Saunders, Dover. UK

The golden-voiced saviour of classic rock
Julie, Melbourne, Australia
Tommy, God bless you. You played the type of music that millions of us love and grew up with, yet no other DJ had the guts or conviction to champion. You were the golden-voiced saviour of classic rock. You played the soundtrack of my teenage years and continued to keep me company as an old rock chick. Rock in peace, my deepest sympathy to your family.
Julie, Melbourne, Australia

Listening to his shows on a Friday night opened up a new world of music to me - one which I have never left - thanks Tommy. His rock sessions were great for many bands as well. Sadly missed.
Duncan, Glasgow, Scotland

I am too young too remember his early career but I will miss the witty sarcasm he used on the show Dumb and Dumber. I couldn't help but laugh every time, he always seemed to tell it like it is. His talent will be wildly missed.
Mr A Ford, Bristol, U.K.

Tommy, along with Alan Freeman were my Radio DJs. Both unique, despite the millions who listened to Rock music they brought the "unfashionable" hard rock/heavy metal to the airwaves with an unmatched knowledge and belief yet always showed respect for others tastes and music preferences. Tommy was a true professional and always a pleasure to listen to. May you rest in peace.
Mick Delaney, London, UK

Deepest sympathy to Tommy's family. Along with John Peel, Tommy championed the cause of the more extreme genres of music. Tommy's Friday rock show is legendary and the man himself was a most knowledgeable DJ. I'll miss those gravel tones but the memory won't fade for me. Tommy you are a legend!
Charles Aitken, Kirkcaldy, Fife

A vital part of my formative years. Sadly missed
Gary Grainger, Aycliffe, United Kingdom

A great loss to rock music in general and a massive loss to radio. Tommy Vance helped shape my musical tastes and for that I am eternally grateful. R.I.P Tommy
Beebop, Corby, Northants

His voice was instantly recognisable

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