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Man convicted of stalking Gibson
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson said he was concerned with his family's safety
A man who believed he was on a "mission from God" to pray with Mel Gibson has been convicted of stalking the actor.

A jury in Los Angeles found Zach Sinclair guilty of breaking a restraining order to keep away from Mr Gibson and his family.

Sinclair, a homeless man, turned up at Mr Gibson's church last year and asked to pray with him.

The 34-year-old, who represented himself during the trial, faces up to three years in prison.

Sinclair, from Idaho, sent 12 letters to Mr Gibson which said God had sent him to California to pray with the star.

In October, he evaded security to approach Mr Gibson's home within 24 hours of a three-year restraining order being imposed on him.

Concern for family

Sinclair said he wanted to pray with the star after watching Mr Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ.

Zach Sinclair
Zach Sinclair represented himself during the trial
When Mr Gibson attended a church service in September 2004 he returned to his seat to find Sinclair sitting in his seat declaring "I'm here to pray with you".

Although Mr Gibson admitted Sinclair "wasn't scary or overtly threatening" he was still concerned with his family's safety.

"I found it odd someone would not have a sense of personal boundaries, and whether or not they were welcome," Mr Gibson told the court.

In the letters Sinclair sent to the actor, he admitted he had spent time in mental health facilities and been in prison for more than two years for stalking a woman.

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