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Jackson was 'like father' to boy
Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch
The abuse is alleged to have taken place at Jackson's Californian ranch
The jury in Michael Jackson's child abuse trial has been shown a video in which the family of his accuser, Gavin Arvizo, call him a father figure.

"He treats me like he's my father," Gavin says. His mother Janet denounces those who accuse the pop star.

The prosecution alleges the family was coerced into making the tape, recorded in response to a controversial TV documentary that led to the charges.

Mr Jackson, 46, denies 10 charges of child abuse and false imprisonment.

If convicted, he could face up to 21 years in prison.

But after a week of evidence, the pop star left court telling reporters: "It went very good."

Sister 'admits' to lying

After the video was screened, Gavin's sister Davellin returned to the witness stand at the trial in California to give evidence for a second day.

She told prosecutor Tom Sneddon that she witnessed Mr Jackson "constantly hugging and kissing" her brother "on the cheek or the head".

Gavin was the one who asked him, 'Can I call you daddy?' and he said, 'Of course'.
Janet Arvizo
Accuser's mother

She described how Gavin changed after spending time with Mr Jackson at his Neverland ranch.

"He didn't want to be hugged, he didn't want to be kissed," she said. "It just hurt because I'm his older sister."

On Thursday, she told the court that she saw the pop star drinking alcohol with Gavin and two other boys at the ranch.

But under robust cross-examination from Mr Jackson's lawyer on Friday, Davellin said she had lied about certain things when questioned by the authorities on the allegations.


The video shown in court on Friday was recorded on 19 and 20 February 2003, two weeks after the airing of Martin Bashir's film Living with Michael Jackson.

It showed Gavin, his mother, his sister and his younger brother.

In it, Janet Arvizo said: "Gavin was the one who asked him, 'Can I call you daddy?' and he said, 'Of course'."

At another point, Gavin's brother Star said: "He actually seemed more fatherly than like our biological father."

Jackson leaving court on Friday, 5 March

Janet Arvizo was also seen to say that people alleging a sexual relationship between Mr Jackson and her son were "missing out on something very beautiful that they have tainted".

Gavin's sister Davellin alleged during her evidence on Thursday that the family had been coerced into making the video to rebut Mr Bashir's documentary.

Also in Thursday's court session, she told the court of the time she spent with her family at the Neverland ranch after the documentary had been screened.

She said her brothers spent most of their time away from her with Mr Jackson.

On one occasion, she followed them into a wine cellar hidden behind a jukebox in a room full of toys, where she found her brothers drinking wine with the singer.

But under cross-examination, she was pointed to an interview with investigators where she said she believed it was wine because they were in a wine cellar - but she had not seen Michael Jackson pour it, nor had she drunk any herself.

The defence attorney inquired whether she had been coached to memorise her testimony, to which Davellin replied: "Nobody told me what to say."

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Michael Jackson on trial

Michael Jackson Jackson show
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