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Jackson 'gave alcohol to victim'
Michael Jackson Neverland ranch
The abuse is alleged to have taken place at Jackson's Californian ranch
The sister of the boy at the centre of Michael Jackson's child abuse trial says she saw the pop star giving her brother wine at his ranch.

The girl told the court she saw Mr Jackson drinking alcohol with her brother and two other boys.

She also told the court her family was isolated and coerced by Mr Jackson's aides at a time when prosecutors claim he was abusing her brother.

Mr Jackson, 46, denies 10 charges of child abuse and false imprisonment.

If convicted, he could face up to 21 years in prison.

Earlier on Thursday, the jury was shown footage of a police raid on the pop star's Neverland ranch in November 2003.

The search of the estate in the hills above Santa Barbara in California came in the early stages of the police investigation into the abuse claims.

The video included images of the singer's bedroom and two rooms filled with stuffed toys and dolls.

Miami trip

The sister of the boy alleged to have been sexually abused by Mr Jackson told the court of the time she spent with her family at the pop star's ranch, following the broadcast of a damaging documentary about Mr Jackson's private life.

She said her brothers spent most of their time away from her with Mr Jackson.

Michael Jackson arrives at court 02/03/05

On one occasion, she followed them into a wine cellar hidden behind a jukebox in a room full of toys, where she found her brothers drinking wine with the singer.

She claimed her brother frequently appeared hyper-active and aloof after being with Mr Jackson.

"He didn't want to talk to me, he didn't want to be near me, he was distant," she said. "It felt weird. I just knew something."

She also told the court her family was whisked away to Miami when the documentary was broadcast in the US.

Later, she says, the family was coerced into making a video to rebut the documentary.

She is set to be questioned on Friday by Mr Jackson's defence.

'Doll room'

Prosecutors at the trial in Santa Maria have alleged the ranch housed a "private world" of alcohol and pornography.

However, the videotape of the police raid did not show any of the sexually explicit magazines that the prosecution has said were found on the premises.

The video was filmed by Santa Barbara county sheriff's department photographer Albert Lafferty, who talked the jury through its contents.

It took the form of a tour of the Tudor-style mansion, including shots of a wood-panelled entrance hall, Mr Jackson's split-level master bedroom, and two rooms that investigators called the "doll room" and the "toy room".

These contained dolls and figurines depicting characters such as Batman and Superman, the Star Wars robots and SpongeBob Squarepants.

On Wednesday, prosecution witness Ann Kite, a publicist hired to rescue Mr Jackson's reputation, told the court that the singer became a victim of the aides who were supposed to serve him.

Ms Kite said her task was to "crisis manage" the fallout from a TV documentary at the heart of the case, which she described as an "absolute disaster".

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