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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March, 2005, 11:46 GMT
Wogan attacks 'copy' BBC formats
Terry Wogan
Wogan attacked makeover shows and Strictly Come Dancing spin-offs
Radio 2 host Terry Wogan has attacked the BBC for "beating an idea to death" by copying hit TV formats.

He criticised the BBC for repeating makeover show formats and for following hit series Strictly Come Dancing with a second series and spin-off programmes.

"BBC TV gets hold of an idea and beats it to death until we're all heartily sick of it," he told Heat magazine.

Wogan also attacked the BBC for barely using host Graham Norton on screen since signing an exclusive 2003 deal.

What they should be doing is employing really good ideas people to come up with good ideas
Terry Wogan
"They buy people without thinking what they're going to do with them. It's the wrong way around," Wogan said.

"What they should be doing is employing really good ideas people to come up with good ideas. That's what they used to do at the BBC."

Later this year Norton will present Saturday night BBC One series Strictly Dance Fever, a Strictly Come Dancing spin-off.

Wogan, 66, said one of the only BBC signings he agreed with over the last 10 years had been Jonathan Ross, who has been tipped to replace Wogan when he retires from his breakfast show.

He said he would like to see fellow broadcast veteran Michael Parkinson present a live chat show, as Wogan did on BBC One from 1982 to 1992. "It's amazing how scared people are of doing live TV these days," he said.

Wogan added that his daytime show for Five, The Terry and Gaby Show, was axed last year "because no one watches Five".

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