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My Music: Tears For Fears
Tears For Fears
Reunited: Tears For Fears' Curt Smith (left) and Roland Orzabal
Pop duo Tears For Fears scored their first hit, Mad World, in 1982, and went on to fill the decade with numerous hits.

Subsequent well-known hits Shout and Everybody Wants To Rule The World went on to top the US charts.

But a shift in musical style on 1989 album Sowing The Seeds Of Love saw Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith's popularity wane, and Smith quit the band in 1992.

A haunting cover of Mad World by Gary Jules was the surprise Christmas No 1 in 2003, prompting the reunion of the partnership.

Curt Smith spoke about the band's return to the charts and some of his musical preferences.

Is the reunion just a one-off project or are Tears For Fears back together for the long-term?
Only time will tell.

Do you hope to please long-standing fans or attract a new legion of supporters with this new project?
We really did it to please ourselves, although we have discovered that it appeals to old and new fans alike.

What was your reaction to the Gary Jules and Michael Andrews' cover of Mad World and its phenomenal success?
We both love their version, in fact it's better than ours and we were really happy for them.

Tears For Fears
Tears For Fears rose to prominence in the early 1980s

What are the main differences between the music industry now and when you were last together back in 1989?
The industry is now run primarily by four conglomerates who are not really into artist development. Quarterly results are their main concern so consequently bands aren't really given a chance to grow naturally.

If you organised a festival, who would be your headline and supporting acts - they can be alive or dead.
Prince would always be the headliner - he's put on some of the best live shows I've ever seen. Frank Zappa on the bill would be great. As far as support acts go, I would pick up-and-coming bands like Kings Of Convenience and Modest Mouse.

What was the first record that you ever bought?
Alive by Slade

When are you happiest as a musician - writing songs, recording in the studio or playing live?

Is chart success as important to you as it may have been previously?
No, success is gauged on how much I enjoy the process and the final result.

Have you been surfing any music websites? Any favourites?
I buy all my music from iTunes and download onto an iPod.

Tears For Fears' new album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending is released on 7 March.

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