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Thursday, August 26, 1999 Published at 13:11 GMT 14:11 UK


Oasis: Your comments

Still mad for it?: Noel and Liam Gallagher

It might be (strangely enough) that the sad departure of Bonehead and Guigsy is exactly what Oasis need to survive at this point. Noel Gallagher is a songwriting genius, and if Liam sticks by him, Noel might just find what he needs most in his 'new' group: a songwriting partner. Noel needs to reinvent his music (and I'm writing this without having heard the new album - let's hope it sounds new and challenging), maybe the new members will give him the kick he needs. On the other hand, I think he would do just fine on his own.
Andrea Barany, Hungary

Yes, they can survive. Although Bonehead and Guigsy were good musicians, added great character to the band and were loved by all, the only members that are musically irreplaceable are Liam and Noel.
Claire Sharpe, The Netherlands

Oasis will survive this. They are basically "Noel Gallagher and his band". There have been several times when various band member have been missing - including frontman Liam. There's no reason why they shouldn't continue.
Phil Jones, UK

In a word Yes. Drummers and bass players are always easy to replace. Even Liam, whilst he brings a "Rock & Roll" attitude and a has a decent voice, could be replaced. The mainstay of any band is the music they produce. Noel is the creative input to the band and takes a lot of responsibility for the live performances. He is Oasis' performance.
Tim Fletcher, UK

They can survive, if it were not for Noel and Liam the founding members would never have reached the heights they did. Whether they will carry on after the next album is to be seen, as long as both Noel and Liam still make great music for many years to come it will be a Champagne Supernova for all of us
Nick, Belgium

Of course Oasis will survive the loss of the bass player. No-one ever notices anyone but Liam & Noel anyway. If one of them left things may be different but Bernard Butler left Suede & they just got better & Noel has done the vocals many times when Liam has missed gigs. The record company cannot afford to let them fail.
Ian, UK

Bands come and go ... it doesn't really matter how long they're around for, besides, as Noel almost said, it's not like The Beatles splitting up is it.
Stuart Mingay, UK

Oasis will survive. Noel is the heart of the band, and unless he up and leaves, the band will remain intact. Whether they are as strong as they were we'll have to see...
Pete, Canada

As long as Noel is there, Oasis will live.
Adam Clayton, U.S.A

Oasis will survive because Oasis is just a clever name for the Noel Gallagher backing band. He writes all the songs and calls the shots. I can't see different bass and guitar players changing this.
Peter Pratt, Northern Ireland

As an American, I am proud to say that my favorite band of all time was, and will continue to be, Oasis! It is very hard to hear that both Guigsy and Bonehead have left the band. Oasis will NEVER be the same again. But alas, we still have our saviors in Noel and Liam! To us hardcore fans, it will be hard to not see Guigsy and Bonehead, but for those who love Oasis just for their music, fear not for nothing is going to change!! Live Forever!!!!
P.B. Ranjan, U.S.A

Of course they can, bass players are a dime a dozen. Go for it Noel & Liam!!
Alf Malmac, New Zealand

They absolutely can survive! This is a different age of pop music and a group is less likely to be comprised 100% with icons - with Oasis the Gallagher brothers are the only real icons. The brother are the only one's that I have ever heard associated with the band - Noel & Liam ARE Oasis.
Steve Stuart, USA

Oasis will survive. Arthurs and McGuigan were no doubt important members of the group, but it's the songs that Noel writes and Liam's voice that matter most. They easily replaced McCarroll on drums, and they were better for it. Noel Gallagher is the funniest, coolest man in music today, and as long as he and Liam are keeping it going, nothing will stop Oasis...just as long as they don't become a folk duo. Long live Rock!!!
Crispin Kott, United States

As long as Noel and Liam are in the band they will survive and thrust ahead. The main songwriter and the brilliant frontman are still in tact, who cares who plays back up guitar and bass. Although sad that Bonehead and Guigsy quit its surely not the end of Oasis. I mean who wrote those three classic albums, Guigsy? Bonehead? D'You know what I mean?
Scott, USA

With out a doubt. Noel is a wonderful songwriter and is recent work with the Chemical Brothers shows that.
Henry Myers, USA

I hope so, I'm a big fan if they were to break up I would be crushed, permanently
Lisa Jackson, Canada

I've been a fan of OASIS since Morning Glory came out and I knew that something like this could split them up. Losing the backbone of the band can only result in seperation. If the two wives of the Gallaghers are expecting children then they too will find no time for the band. I never want them to split up but I know they will. I also think that Noel joining the band "Tailgunner" is a bad move. Liam Gallagher is well known for his jealousy and never liked Noel to get more press or attention than him. Liam has also recently reported that he has lost his attitude and has become a faamily man. The attitude of Liam has long fuelled the band and the music. Long live OASIS if they can find new members...
James (Jamaica) Mackenzie, Scotland

Yes, yes, as long as Noel keeps in the band, they´ll go on, Oasis is too important to be forgotten or to finish like that. Well, as a famous oasis song says, "Live Forever"
Filipe Lopes, Brazil

Who cares? They haven't been that good in a while and now a couple have left. They are crap.
Chris Bray, England

Noel Gallagher is so talented that he will definitely survive. Liam may ride the wave.
Lesley Kiggins, Scotland

Noel, I'll be in London in a few weeks. Let me audition, I play guitar and I hate Man U.
Sean Pritchett, England

I, like Guigsy, cannot play bass but I do support Man City. Any chance of a job boys?
Simon Atkinson, UK

It`s not the bass lines or rhythm guitar parts that make Oasis. It`s Noel Gallagher`s pedigree as a song writer, his brother`s snarling vocals and Alan White`s thunderous drumming. With or without Guigs and Bonehead they still rule the roost. D`You Know What I Mean?
Robert Mynott, England

Nope! It wont be the same..its the end after this album is released!!! OASIS RIP
Craig Miles

They will thrive as long as Noel is around. The best thing that could happen to OASIS is having Liam leave.
Paul Sipes, USA

Of course they can! The guys who are leaving are fine musicians, but Noel and Liam are the heart and soul of Oasis, and as long as they're together, there can always be an Oasis.
Ed Bayley, USA

Sure, why not? The sound will probably change with a different guitarist and bassist, but haven't Oasis, for better or worse, basically been the Noel Gallagher band since at least (What's the story?) Morning Glory?
Phil , US

Who cares! They have a good sound but they are not the Beatles. They'd like to be but they just have to drop their attitude.
Stephen, Australia

No way. Guigsy McGuigan & Paul Bonehead WERE OASIS! Liam is boring and can only sing in one key. Noel is a great musician and he will go on to be one of the backbone of British music
Nat, Hong Kong

Of course they can, bass players are a dime a dozen. Go for it Noel & Liam!!
Alf Malmac, New Zealand

Yes,they can survive,but only if they really want to. Not because of their name or their past,just because they still love music. However,we need them in a sad music scene like this.
Melania Cioni, Italy

Hope they don't. I would rather say: "Goodbye & Good riddance" Seldom has the music industry seen a couple of more overrated, selfindulging, pubescent, and egocentric morons then the Gallagher brothers. Their whole attitude of comparing themselves with bands that were successful 2 decades ago shows that they lack the ability to create a standard of their own. I guess that Noel is somewhat of a decent fellow, but the best thing I could recommend for Liam, now that he's faced with a lot of spare time: Therapy!!
Alfio Blaaser, Netherlands

Of course...Noel is the band!
Ron Grinblat, USA

Who cares - they are nothing more than a third rate Beatles cover band. 20 years from now Oasis will be a mere blip in pop history.
TJ, England

As long as there are enough back catalogues from Scouse bands sat around Supernova Heights - there will always be Oasis records available.
Richard Kelly, England

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